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Creative Arts Share the Gospel


Thinking I’m homesick for Heaven,
A place I’ve never even seen,
I try very hard to visualize,
Bring some sort of image before my eyes.
Yet, it’s hard for me to lay things out,
To picture streets of gold,
In my mind it disappears in a wisp.

Then my spirit comes alive.
With a reminder and a criticism,
If I’m so homesick for Heaven,
Shouldn’t I be sharing God in the life I’m given?
Telling others of Jesus on the cross?
Of His resurrection that can,
From sin set us free?

Time keeps tick-tocking us along,
And we gifted in the creative arts,
Shouldn’t we be sharing the old, old story,
Of God and His work in our history?
For we can give images,
Through our gifts and tools,
To point others to the Christ.

Let’s do the work for which we are called.
God wouldn’t bless us with these talents,
If He didn’t want us to understand,
The creative spirit He holds in His hand.
What a joy to share God’s love!
Celebrate what He creates,
When we allow Him to move through us.
                    d.f.a.v.  8/18/15