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For Me, the Unpopular One


On Sunday morning I sat near you,
Sang the songs and worshipped too.
I wasn’t quite as loud and clear,
But I was close, did you see me there?
Before worship in Sunday School,
I hugged the wall as you all acted so cool.
Once I gathered my courage and said “Hi”.
But little registered as you passed by.
You and your friends were never mean,
Just that knowledge I wasn’t seen.
I’ve never been a popular kid,
Fitting in seamlessly I never did.
But here where God’s truth is known,
Shouldn’t it be easier if in us He’s grown?
Is it my school or my hair?
Is it my size or gender? Hardly fair.
Is it my shyness that puts you off?
Or was I wrong and there’s no room at the cross?
Why did I keep coming back to see,
Something change in a group who won’t miss me?
But take this from a newcomer who tried coming in,
I really wanted to be your friend.
And if Jesus can forgive where we’ve been,
All our screw-ups, all our sins,
Then surely so can we who do not know, 
Who made these rules of whose cool anyhow?
I think it may be too late for us to be friends,
I’m really sick and our chance passed by like the wind.
But perhaps I can help you now,
For me, make extra effort somehow,
To open up to the new quiet kid coming in,
Who searched for fellowship among their spiritual kin.
               dfav 11/6/15