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Please, Remember Whose You Are

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Growing up in a day long now past,

A girl’s wise mother used to say,

As she kissed her on the forehead,

Looked her daughter in the eyes,

“Please, remember whose you are.”

She said it every morning,

She said it every day.

As the child became a young teen,

She was certain Mother surely meant

That she was her parent’s daughter

And they wanted her to be good.

Not to build a reputation of bad decisions,

Think carefully before she acted,

Consider the true cost of what she spent.

Steadily though she would grow

Those words were an identification,

She was her parent’s daughter,

And she didn’t long for freedom,

For her parent’s love gave her wings,

The message in her mother’s wisdom

Were the seeds of all she would ever know.

Mother wrote it in the Bible,

In the white clapboard church that day,

When her daughter was baptized,

First step on the pathway to her eternal life,

“Please, remember whose you are,”

Daughter understood she was God’s child,

She’d agreed that she was going to follow His way.

Upon the day of her marriage,

When daughter left her parents home,

It was embroidered as a quotation,

On the picture Mother had carefully sown

“Please, remember whose you are,”

She was a Christian and a Daughter,

Daughter understood she was also a spouse.

Daughter became a mother,

Engaged in many roles in life,

Then one evening in the twilight,

She held her mother’s fading hand,

And she heard from her mother,

“Please, remember whose you are.”

As Mother passed from this earthly strife.

It happens every morning,

On each and every day,

Between the breakfasts and brushing teeth,

A young mother looks in her children’s eyes,

Kisses them on their foreheads,

And they can just hear her say,

“Please, remember whose you are.”



Who Are You?

When all you know is broken,
Like crystal smashed beyond repair,
When there’s not enough glue,
Or barely a fragment as a token,
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

The body you had, suddenly gone,
Broken bones and shredded heart,
A dozen monitors wired to you,
Time flew but it took so long.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Your spouse split after many years,
Adult children off doing their thing,
The house so quiet it’s terrifying,
You dissolve again into a pool of tears.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

All the “in crowd” torments you,
Your project destroyed by “accident”,
You’re the punchline of every joke,
No telling what next they’ll do.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Heard again from the living room,
Raised voice and cursing too,
Then the pounding of his fists,
Call 9-1-1 and be here soon.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Somewhere along the road you took,
Your thoughts got twisted, ensnared,
You see yourself in another’s eyes,
It sickens you so you barely look.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Tragedy strikes no rhythm, no rhyme,
Lives change in a millisecond,
Or like a canyon carved by water,
A constant flow for a long, long time.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

If you can answer this, head held high,
Admitted mistakes and made amends,
Trusted God to make you a new creation,
You think you can’t but you can fly.
That disaster fell,
So, who are you?

                     dfav 8/6/16