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From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #5. 3/17/16


O Abba Father,
Mighty King,
God of Heaven and Earth,
With thanksgiving I bow before,
My God, Master of everything…

The sea and inlands are mist encased this morning,
Reminding me of the softest covers used to cover a child.
It looks as if you could just disappear if you walked into it,
This shoreline changes as life is always dying & growing.

No two days the same, unseen lightening bolts of alteration.
With faith I speak with You, knowing no fog exists You can’t find me in.
No cover can be where my presence is nonexisting,
Like the sea, the sand, the fog, the beach always in relation.

When the sun reappears, and it always does eventually,
The grounded clouds will lift or burn away,
May You find me simply working,
At the task assigned by You to me, joyfully.
                                  dfav 3/13-17/16