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God. Has. Spoken.

God has spoken.
He was sure.
He was firm.
He spoke softly.
But, God has spoken.

God spoke not audibly.
For everyone to hear.
Everyone to gasp.
He spoke to my heart.
And to me it was audibly.

God. Said. No.
He wasn’t mean.
He wasn’t unkind.
He isn’t playing favorites.
He spoke with love, “No”.

God said no healing.
No miracles.
No reprieve.
No unexpected twist.
In Heaven only will come healing.

God blessed me with Himself.
He lent me strength.
He covered me with grace.
He wiped away my tears.
God revealed to me Himself.

God’s message to you is “Be”.
Be aware He knows tomorrow.
Be sure He covers today.
Be purposeful in your actions.
God wants you to to be.

God’s message to you is “Be”.
Be about the Father’s business,
Be about the Father’s will,
Above all else be okay with His decision,
God. Has. Said. No.

God reminds me we’re all dying.
This doesn’t mean I go sooner.
I just have this disease,
This crazy disorder,
But, we’re all dying.

God has spoken.
He was sure.
He was firm.
He spoke softly.
But, God has spoken.

          dfav 3/8/17


God Said, “No”

The Lord has said no to me.
Despite my pleas and “pretty please”.
He knows His plan for my life,
My role as Believer, mother, wife.
And all the things in between,
He uses all with tenderness,
For He’s in no way mean.

I no longer think of asking why,
With my hope only of by-and-by,
In Heaven I’ll think no more to ask,
The purpose of this life’s task.
Instead I pray with renewed heart,
The prayer that can never fail,
Whether my faith is strong, or frail.

“Not my will but Your’s O Lord,
Not my will but Your’s O Lord.”
“Give me strength to hear and obey,
Not my will but Your’s this day.”
Grant my surrender willingly
To Your plans and not mine,
My gift to You through this time.

Amen. d.f.a.v. 3/29/15

From the Cottage by the Sea 8/26/14

Dear Lord,
Quiet here in our Cottage by the Sea tonight
The moon and stars our only light
I lay and listen to the crashing sea
Wondering why You’ve said no to me.

Is it due to some secret sin I’ve committed?
Or some obedience I’ve omitted?
Does wickedness root itself inside
Or have I failed You on the outside?

The question haunts me day and night
Will you help to set me right?
After all the pain befallen me
This final cost seems too much to be.

Why me Lord, I want to beg to ask
Why give me this horrid task?
Then you look at me and say
You ask the wrong questions to light the way.

Ask instead why NOT you my child
Suffering comes without respect from great to mild.
As does mercy, love and grace
Can you allow My peace in this place?

I mourn a bit the things I’ve lost
Then remember Your complete cost.
Tomorrow morning the sun may rise
Turn my ears now from Satan’s lies.

Let me push beyond my expectations
And rise instead to the situation.
For Your no is not meant to be mean
It’s an example of glory yet to be seen.

The moon casts silver upon the floor
A light in the darkness to the door
The choice is now mine to make
Will I moan and groan, is my faith a fake?

Or will I trust in Your work and way
See Your love expressed in the no You say?
Be You my strength and confidence
You Lord, are my truest defense.
D.f.a.v. 8 / 26/14