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When it Matters


God is here.
Whether your view,
—Is void of color,
—Is black and white,
—gray upon gray,
It doesn’t matter.
God is here.

God sees us,
Whether we’ve become,
—broken boundaries,
—flowering weeds,
—rotting fences
It doesn’t matter.
God sees us.

God hears us,
Whether our voices,
—are hoarse,
—are broken,
—are whispers,
It doesn’t matter.
God hears us.

God is no deserter.
Whether we are,
—He stays ready,
—He stands tall,
—He remembers you,
It only matters,
If you ever became His.
                  d.f.a.v. 5/29/15

The One Thing That Counts


It’s not the words I write
Or the books I read
It’s not the things I say,
On any given day.

My testimony comes not in song,
But the way I act with my adversaries.
How do I treat those who hate me?
Do I respond with kindness as Christ said it should be?

The true measure of who I am,
Is found in my actions in face of dissatisfaction.
It’s easy to be nice, tender and sweet,
When the world’s your oyster, your favorite treat.

Harder is the road to respond with thanksgiving,
When you’ve lost it all and you’re left grieving.
How I respond to unexpected tragedies stakes,
That tells you if I’m the real thing or fake.

Make fun of my size; it’s really alright ,
Doubt my pain, the crease in my brow.
Question my motives even my faith,
But in the end is my name down as saved?

I’ll always have Jesus center of my heart,
Nothing or no one can rip us asunder,
I’m in the palm of His hand since the day I knew,
That He was God the Father, God the Son & Holy Spirit that blew.

Doubt my decisions and peel open my doubts,
But answer this question before you announce,
As I’ve stumbled through this life messing up as I go,
Did I point you to Jesus or point you to you?

When I kneel before Jesus waiting to be judged,
May my life have stood strong, the message loud.
My heart and my life agreement in one,
I’ve based my life on God the Father, the Spirit and Son.
                d.f.a.v.  4/19/15