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Thoughts on Heaven

Photographer – Cyn Carpenter, photo used by permission.  PhotoGrid used to add text to photo.  All rights reserved.

What does Heaven hold?
Besides it’s walls of jasper?
Besides it’s streets of gold?

John saw gates of single pearls,
Gems layered in it’s foundation
Truly an unbelievable new world.

We’ll meet God there face-to-face,
Go through the final judgment,
Finished, at last, this earthly race.

In the physical presence of God at last,
Glorious, unimaginable sights and sounds,
A final new beginning, all the old is past.

Beyond the little we’ve been told,
It’s not a port you come and go from,
Nor the place our lives stop to unfold.

Here’s every blessing, every dream,
Reunions, new friendships, praise and worship,
All this and more a part of daily seams.

“Heaven’s riches are rooted in Heaven’s God.”*
So there’s no doubt in my heart,
Of the infinite wonders from our Creator God.
                d.f.a.v. 8/2/25