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Washing out the Ugly

Carry me down.
Down to the riverbank.
Tote me in.
Right into running water.
Together let’s,
Pull all the ugliness out.
Pain throbbing,
Heart breaking over losses,
Red welted anger,
Over what-could-have-been.
Physicians blinded,
By bias ’cause it’s allowed,
Evil’s images of,
The good lost forever,
Well intentioned,
Rote words of understanding.
Empty hours of,
Loneliness and embarrassment,
Locking my heart away.
Heaviest feelings,
Of burdening loved ones.
Wash it all,
Scrub it all whiter than snow,
Here in this water,
Outside Heaven’s entrance,
Where flows the,
River of Mercy and Forgiveness.
Carry me down.
Down to the riverbank.
Tote me in.
Right into running water.
Together let’s,
Pull all the ugliness out.
I’ll ask for grace,
And for the ability to forgive,
For just a bit,
Until You carry me,
Into Heaven itself and,
Earthly problems,
Will be righted or forgotten,
As I worship,
The God who carried me on.
               dfav 8/30/16


Outskirts of Heaven


Sunlight dances through spring green leaves,
See the branches breathing, the air hums with life,
Even the sand beneath His very feet,
Whisper Hosanna as they open their paths,
The outskirts of Heaven, I’ve reached them at last.

Beyond the branches and sunlight,
The water streaks silver, rose and gold,
A sun warmed stone beckons for me to come rest,
Out in the middle of these very fast currents,
I should panic but there’s His calm assurance.

Steadily into the water He carries me,
Hospital bed left behind for I’m safe in his arms,
Though I’m afraid of water and should be afraid,
In His arms I know I can’t come to harm,
His heart beats beneath my ear, no alarm.

Liquid healing rushes over my legs,
I sleep and I wake and I’m never alone,
Somewhere nearby birds sing with words,
The days and nights, they come and go,
Jesus loves me, this miracle tells me so.

When ICU is over and I’ve a regular room,
Jesus stops coming like He’d been,
I understand now I’m going to be okay,
But I treasure the hours He spent with me,
On the outskirts of Heaven, Jesus healed me.
             d.f.a.v.  3/27/15


My soul thirsts to know You,
Lord Jesus and I hear You call
“Come to the water. Drink deeply.
Immerse yourself in me, the Living Water.”
My soul pants to know You all,
Nothing held back.

It feels as if I could plummet deep
Beneath the waterfall of Your purity,
Where melted snow mingles with fresh spring waters
I could stay here in Your presence
Where my soul finds such security
I am here, wash me clean.

Every ounce of who You made me
Pleads to plunge into Your water
To surrender me inside and out
To Your love and forgiveness
Could I stand any taller
Than to drink in Your Living Water?

I think not.
              d.f.a.v. 1/6/15