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Reality, Consequences

Photo by Mohamed Khaled on Pexels.com








There are consequences–

Whether good or bad,

Some are happy, some mad.

There are consequences–

For every choice we make,

No matter what we try to fake.


There are consequences–

For the saved and lost,

For peace or war at any cost.

There are consequences–

When we lose our cool,

For every time we act a fool.


There are consequences–

When fists in anger raise,

When to God we lift our praise.

There are consequences–

When only skins color we see,

For then no one is truly free.


There are consequences–

When we try to pretend,

Especially when we neglect a friend.

There are consequences–

When we loot, bully and burn,

Even when we refuse to learn.


There are consequences–

For taking what’s not ours,

When we abuse our powers.

There are consequences–

To living stuck in the past,

For that time the die is cast.


There are consequences–

To breaking the law,

When from God’s grace we fall.

There are consequences–

With each hearts  that’s turned,

When hate in hate is continually churned.


There are consequences–

Whether we’re right or wrong,

Eventually we hear life’s last song.

There are consequences–

When we go with the mob,

And the times we kneel to God.


There are consequences–

For every decision made,

Each one has a price to paid.

                                   -dfav 9/3/2020

To be True


Let me be silent,
Rather than force words.
Words that may misdirect,
Or cause conflict,
Or lead someone astray.
I will go and tell,
As a faithful witness,
That Jesus lives,
For this is what I know,
To be the truth.
                 dfav 6/28/16

No Greater Revelation


Abba Father:
The sun sank through the violet sky,
With streaks of orange, reds and shadow flies,
Before my eyes I see the truth,
Briefly this looks of paradise.
Could there be any greater revelation?
That God is good, and that’s a celebration,
All the time!
          dfav 10/14/15

Truth Branded

If I tell you the truth,
Will you label me
Some sort of hater?

If I show you God’s Word,
That supports what I say,
Am I hood-winked?

If I say nothing at all,
You live and so shall I,
Will I then become a gossip?

Do you want the truth?
Will you hear the truth?
Am I then a truth bearer?

Oh, it’s easier to blame
Less stressful than change,
Truth will find a way to be spoken.

Call me what you will,
Label me all you need,
You need to hear the truth.

Let me be wise enough to know,
How to speak it in love,
Uncaring about the labels.
                 d.f.a.v.  3/31/15

Lie vs. Truth #2: Words Betray the Veteran

What was passed along to my Facebook notifications was this:

“When I first saw this I thought
the girl was one of his daughters.
Green and white shirt, black tee shirt, …
gray pants and tennis shoes.
How many people know that President Bush
hosts a few Wounded Warriors at his ranch
10 weekends every year?
Every year! All expenses paid!
Not what you expect to see, huh?
There he is, dancing with a
“Wounded Warrior”
who has lost a leg but still dances.
I guarantee we will NEVER
see a story or picture like this
from NBC, CBS, ABC,
The New York Times, or The Washington Post.”





Truthfully, what made me look twice at the post was the line, “There he is, dancing with a “Wounded Warrior” who has lost a leg but still dances”. The implication that former President George W. Bush was consenting to dance with a woman wearing a prosthesis, as if he was bestowing upon her some great honor he’d not usually lower himself to do.

It irked me and pricked my sensitivity as I am an amputee and pity is something I detest. Really the un-named woman in this photograph is certainly not the reason for the internet pass-along. But her presence is what screamed at me and a few clicks of my laptop mouse soon revealed a lot of truth behind the photo and a “pity dance” was not one of them.

The first line of the post could be true, the writer clearly says this is their opinion, their first thought when seeing the photograph. The second sentence, “Green and white shirt, black tee shirt,…gray pants and tennis shoes” call your attention to the attire of the man in the photo at which point you are to notice the man is the former President of the United States, George W. Bush. He’s dressed so casually because he’s removed himself from the spotlight (which is true, he doesn’t seek public attention) which sets the reader up for the good work President Bush is supposedly doing behind the photo.

Per this short post President Bush hosts a “few Wounded Warriors at his ranch 10 weekends every year” “all expenses paid”! You do the math, 10 weekends a year is one weekend 10 of the 12 months of the year. That’s a lot of entertaining of wounded veterans.

Our men and women in the military give a lot to our abilities to remain a free country. But, even if this didn’t have a veteran involved in the story or a former president of this country, why stretch the truth? Why not just tell the truth like it is? The lie sure sounds good. The words attached will rile up the blood of some. It’s a reminder that the truth isn’t told. But there’s various versions of the “story” according to the Truth or Fiction web site. All with remnants of truth, none accurate.

In this case, as written about in Lie vs. Truth: Steepek or Lyle published on this blog, the truth is better than the fiction so why not post it?

The woman in this photograph is 1st Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell, US Army Retired. Leading a convoy in Baghdad a roadside bomb exploded and she became the first female to lose a limb in the Iraq War. Dancing is truly one of the little things this amazing veteran does since retiring from the military.

The Wounded Warrior Project has had her on their board since 2005. She is a motivational speaker for other veterans who have lost limbs or have other challenges from incidents in the war. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 she competed for the United States in the ITU Triathlon World Championships, taking the gold in all three years in the Tri2. This is just the beginning of her accomplishments.

As for the picture, on April 26-28, 2012 the George W. Bush Presidential Center hosted a 100K mountain bike ride in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. As part of the festivities after the ride 1st Lt Stockwell and former President George W. Bush danced. Someone took their picture. Now this post and email “pass along” post accompanying the picture dishonors two people, Stockwell and Bush.

Turns out the former president hosts this 100K, three-day extreme mountain bike ride annually. He does a lot of “good deeds” since his years in the White House have passed and he tries to stay out of the spotlight but today the greatest injustice is the one this post does to the first lieutenant.

The former President George W. Bush is pictured here, also with 1st Lt Stockwell, shortly after the 100 K was completed. (Photo from Truth of Fiction web site, photographer unknown or not listed.)

Here is a remarkable woman, strong in every way, inspiring others to push beyond their limits regardless of their challenges and she’s used as fodder for a “pass along” social media post to highlight the good deeds of a former United States president whose time in the spotlight is over at his own choice. This is what I find most offensive about this “story”.

The truth would make an even more remarkable report and social media again chooses to pass along the lie. Sometimes, though I know human nature is fickle and Paul tells Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 that the time will come when men will only want to hear what pleases their ears, not sound doctrine, I never thought Paul’s words would also be talking about the same ailment in every day news.

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”






Truth is relative someone said

Repeating it often and enough

That others bought the lies

To make the sale wasn’t that tough.




Humanity bought Pandora’s Box

Temptations no longer contained

Bought it anyway lock, stock and barrel

Lies had no reigns to be restrained.


The lies became sin undeniably

When that someone appeared on the scene

Stitched beautiful fabric round it all

Continuing the play and make-believe.



When the seams were stretched

The tailor reappeared and stitched

Adding more fabric, perfuming the stench

Truth completely stuffed and ditched.


But the stains of sin, the ooze of lies

Could no longer be disguised

A filthy smoldering rancid mass

The seed of truth lost inside.


As seeds do when sunlight warmed

When repetitive tears watered the ground

Seed sprouted and began to grow

The truth set free when finally found.


Truth is truth there is no compromise

Don’t buy the deceit, don’t buy the lies

Pretty stitches and fabric can’t contain

The stench of sin has no alibi.


Truth isn’t relative to the cause

It doesn’t change it doesn’t bend

It stands up even to unfurl a wrong

Truth is the truth my friend.


Speak it well and speak it true

Speak it in love and gentle too

It’s not a weapon to be released

Truth is what we live and do.

                d.f.a.v. 9/9/13

Speak truth!