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Will You Love Through Him?

I have troubles,
Miseries that run deep,
It’s as if I’m steeped in them.
Steeped, like tea bags in boiling water.
And the answer?
The answer is to pray?
Don’t you know I am?
I’m trying?

In your troubles,
Do you think you’re alone,
Always pushing up hill,
Up hill, with everything pushing against you.
And the advice is to pray?
Don’t we realize you are?
All the time?
All the time.

Everyone has sorrows.
No one is immune.
What’s the purpose of God then?
What glory comes to Him from them?
His ways aren’t ours,
We need His mind to understand,
His mind to see the full story,
His mind for His story.

Today while I am praying,
I will pray also for you.
Like teabags steeping in hot water,
May my prayers soak our pain.
Our differences can be bridged,
If God reigns in our hearts,
I will love through Him.
Will you love through Him?
   -dfav 1/26/17