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Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #39, 12/08/15.


Abba Father,
It is difficult to imagine,
What those animals must have felt,
When Joseph prepared a space,
For Mary to bring forth the Messiah,
Among them and the way they smelt.
It just wasn’t normal,
It just wasn’t right,
For stables to be bedrooms of Kings.
Bring forth the purest, Holiest thing,
Even on the most desperate of nights.
But, they welcomed Him with dignity,
Squashed in together to make Him room,
Awaited His cry with firm assurance,
Bowed down before their Creator,
When He came forth from Virgin womb.
It just wasn’t normal, it just wasn’t right,
But it sure did occur in Bethlehem,
While party-goers partied,
And fathers stood watch,
The animals welcomed the great I Am.
                          dfav 12/08/15