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Abba Father, Thank You

Abba Father,

Thank You for air.
Air that fills my lungs naturally
And that air pumped in to complete the need.
Thank You for the care
You demonstrate in this provision.

Thank You for choice.
For being able to choose my action,
To decide what I believe and don’t,
And even what in my heart gets traction,
And what slips on away.

Thank You for encouragement.
For voices of now and past,
Who clean out my wounds and scars
So poisonous infections can’t last
But are washed away by caring.

Thank You for this moment.
Of awareness of my many blessings.
For too often I focus on my needs
On what I perceive as being lacking
Instead of what You’ve already given.

Thank You for Your love.
This never-ending resource of Your being
That sets within me the standard
Through which all of life and man needs viewing.
So I can be Your hands and feet.

Thank You for this time.
When our hearts truly communicate,
When there’s no motivation or mission
Beyond what You would dedicate
Towards You and Your people.

       —dfav 7/27/17


Thank You, Lord

It’s nearly Thanksgiving,
And I want to say “Thanks”.
Not because it’s expected,
But because I mean it,
From the depths of my heart,
Thank You, Lord.

With all sincerity,
Let me offer You these thoughts,
For I realize You deserve
Far more than words,
But deeds of faith and service,
To thank You, Lord.

In earnest love,
May You see my steps,
Moving forward to Heaven’s realm,
Where You preside over all,
Not me stuck on here and now.
I must say thank You, Lord.

With pure gratitude,
I thank You for everything,
My family and my friends,
My church and hospice team,
Everyone who’s in my life,
I thank You for them, Lord.

In thanks giving,
I thank You for every prayer,
Those You said yes to and
Mostly those You said no about.
Because You understand,
And I thank You, Lord.
             dfav 11/21/16


Child, Do You Love Me


Do you love me,  My Child?
Am I  first in your heart?
Is it for My Kingdom,
You work for each day?
Am I in each word you say?

Are you grateful, Child of Mine?
Do I  shine in each act you do?
Does your thanks rule your mind?
Do you give in spirit kind?
That evidence will be easy to find.

When you say grace you bow your head,
Am I foremost in your thoughts?
Is it Me that you consider,
Providing all that you have need?
Surely first you sowed My seed?

My Child, as you drive the streets,
It is Me you see in the homeless eyes,
Me in the tattered clothes they wear?
Me begging for their daily bread?
Then –
Their needs are met and goodwill spread.

Love,  gratitude, thanks are easily spoken,
Not so often as easily displayed,
It must be something forever seen,
That there is a cost to follow me.
Then –
You’re willing in what must be.

Pick up your cross and follow Me.
            dfav 11/4/15

Thanksgiving Blessing


Today, may God’s presence in our hearts
Be one reason we have to be thankful.
May our presence in others hearts
Be one reason they have to be thankful.
May the gratitude we express to You be genuine,
And the gratitude others express to God for us be real.
May this Thanksgiving prayer be a light for You
May our lives be a beacon for others to find You.

d.f.a.v. 11/26/14

From the Cottage by the Sea – Lost Holiday

Abba Father:
Of all man’s made-up holidays
I’ve sort of felt sorry for Thanksgiving
With all the attention of Halloween
Then around the corner Christmas
Poor Thanksgiving gets pushed away.

Add to the mix in these modern years
Black Friday which often starts on Thursday
Football games and round-the-clock shopping
Plus attention on the feast to be devoured.
Tensions and indulgences as the day appears.

This year Lord, I pause and think
Of this Cottage in my Heart
The one we built to accommodate
My focus so I could see
You won’t let me drown or sink.

A simple stone Cottage by the Sea
So we could meet here to be in sync.
It’s been the refuge where I went
When with You I needed time alone
The quiet place to be the storm’s escape.

To read and meditate on Your Word.
So heart and soul could dance in step
Thank You dear Father up above
For understanding this special need,
For not thinking it absurd.

May Thanksgiving come more often to this place
My life be Thanks Living for You
My Perfect Father up above.
Speak to my heart this morning
As I humbly seek to run my race.

Thanksgiving should be woven out and in
Gratitude should burst forth singing
If we truly serve God in gratefulness
Then Thanksgiving isn’t merely a holiday
It has become our faith we live in.

May God bless you this Thanksgiving.
d.f.a.v. 11/4/14

Day after Thanksgiving

Dear Readers:

My prayer is that all of you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by the people who help you feel loved and blessed. We embarked upon an adventure of manhandling my wheelchair into my oldest niece’s home to share a Thanksgiving meal. It was the first time I’ve been in someone else’s home since my amputation, the first time I’ve seen inside her house since they moved and the first time to celebrate the holiday with my sister and her family in probably a decade.

Thanksgiving is one holiday I’ve always felt, since I was a young teenager that sort of gets the bums rush out the door. The older I get, the more I see how true my teenage wisdom turned out to be. (Now that’s not something I can say every day.) A huge number of American’s get all hyped up over Halloween (a holiday I can’t stand now) and seem to slam dunk into Christmas. Thanksgiving is just turkey and football road kill along the way for a lot of people. Still for others all it means is the “Black Friday” sales marathon is on, which is an event I understand, where a deal can be had if you’re brave enough to enter the fray.

I’m not. Never have been. I don’t see that changing. Shopping has never been high on my list of entertainments nor are crowds. Enough said.

Instead the ladies of our household (okay my daughter and I) are hosting a Christmas ornament craft make-it and take-it day. Not a huge crowd. All ladies except for my two-year-old great nephew. Time for fellowship, crafting, laughter, soup and sharing. Our first social occasion in our new home since we moved in nearly two years ago.

However you spent your Thanksgiving or however you spend the day after I do have this one hope for each of you. That hope is that as the approach of the day set aside to acknowledge the birth of our Savior ticks closer to us you can do just that; acknowledge Christ.

In whatever way you feel led by God to do so I hope you find multiple ways to have a lot of Christ in your Christmas!

Twenty-five days and counting!


Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Abba Father,

For the beauty in this world,

I thank You…

Whether it is a glorious skyline…

Or children jumping in leaves…

Or a flowering weed…

I thank You.


For the good in this world

I thank You…

Whether it’s volunteers in missions…

Or homeless shelters…

Or a mother’s faith in her child…

I thank You.


For the bravery in this world

I thank You…

Whether it’s a policeman facing crime…

Or the bullied saying, “Enough”…

Or a child battling deadly disease…

I thank You.


For faith, family and friends in this world

I thank You…

Whether we are always at peace…

Or see enough of one another…

Or understand individual battles…

I thank You.


For these things in this world

I thank You…

Whether others see what I do or not…

Or these things seem too vague…

Or perhaps they seem too small…

I thank You.


For these things in this world

I thank You…

Without them my life would be less…

My heart would be less tender…

My soul would be less free…

I thank You.


For this day set aside to be grateful

I thank You…

Whether in sickness or in health…

Abundance or in need

In smiles or in wretched tears…

I thank You.


I thank You.

-d.f.a.v. 11/26/13

Many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!