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Abba Father, Thank You

Abba Father,

Thank You for air.
Air that fills my lungs naturally
And that air pumped in to complete the need.
Thank You for the care
You demonstrate in this provision.

Thank You for choice.
For being able to choose my action,
To decide what I believe and don’t,
And even what in my heart gets traction,
And what slips on away.

Thank You for encouragement.
For voices of now and past,
Who clean out my wounds and scars
So poisonous infections can’t last
But are washed away by caring.

Thank You for this moment.
Of awareness of my many blessings.
For too often I focus on my needs
On what I perceive as being lacking
Instead of what You’ve already given.

Thank You for Your love.
This never-ending resource of Your being
That sets within me the standard
Through which all of life and man needs viewing.
So I can be Your hands and feet.

Thank You for this time.
When our hearts truly communicate,
When there’s no motivation or mission
Beyond what You would dedicate
Towards You and Your people.

       —dfav 7/27/17


Thank You, Lord

Thank You Lord,
For another year of life,
For the love I’m surrounded by,
For the man who chose me to be his wife,
Father, I thank You.

Thank You Lord,
For helping me see life differently,
For knowing sometimes I shouldn’t speak,
For remembering You speak quietly,
Father, I thank You.

Thank You Lord,
For teaching me to love fully,
For showing me the important things,
For helping​ me to live now and freely,
Father, I thank You.

Thank You Lord,
For loving me so much,
For sending Jesus to die for me,
For keeping me near Your tender touch,
Father, I thank You.
            -dfav 3/13/17


Thank You, Lord

It’s nearly Thanksgiving,
And I want to say “Thanks”.
Not because it’s expected,
But because I mean it,
From the depths of my heart,
Thank You, Lord.

With all sincerity,
Let me offer You these thoughts,
For I realize You deserve
Far more than words,
But deeds of faith and service,
To thank You, Lord.

In earnest love,
May You see my steps,
Moving forward to Heaven’s realm,
Where You preside over all,
Not me stuck on here and now.
I must say thank You, Lord.

With pure gratitude,
I thank You for everything,
My family and my friends,
My church and hospice team,
Everyone who’s in my life,
I thank You for them, Lord.

In thanks giving,
I thank You for every prayer,
Those You said yes to and
Mostly those You said no about.
Because You understand,
And I thank You, Lord.
             dfav 11/21/16


Child, Do You Love Me


Do you love me,  My Child?
Am I  first in your heart?
Is it for My Kingdom,
You work for each day?
Am I in each word you say?

Are you grateful, Child of Mine?
Do I  shine in each act you do?
Does your thanks rule your mind?
Do you give in spirit kind?
That evidence will be easy to find.

When you say grace you bow your head,
Am I foremost in your thoughts?
Is it Me that you consider,
Providing all that you have need?
Surely first you sowed My seed?

My Child, as you drive the streets,
It is Me you see in the homeless eyes,
Me in the tattered clothes they wear?
Me begging for their daily bread?
Then –
Their needs are met and goodwill spread.

Love,  gratitude, thanks are easily spoken,
Not so often as easily displayed,
It must be something forever seen,
That there is a cost to follow me.
Then –
You’re willing in what must be.

Pick up your cross and follow Me.
            dfav 11/4/15

The Road to Blessing


Thanking You is easy,
Counting blessings one by one,
Straight on through infinity,
Can’t outdo Your generosity.

From life’s first breath,
In the Paradise called Eden,
To the Jesus’ death at Calvary,
Gratitude given with formality.

But beyond the Garden Tomb,
After the curtain torn into,
Humanity can express their thanks,
Without thought to file and rank.

In screams and yells and loud glee,
Shaky voices or ones confident,
However the gratitude expressed,
It is because we know we’re blessed.

Road behind us reveals Your touch,
Road beside us shows us now,
If we can thank You for was and be,
We’ll thank You for what we cannot see.

Road of gratitude lead me on,
I know You go to our eternal home,
May the road ring day and night
Count our blessings to be to make it right.
d. f. a. v. 1/3/15

Gratitude from the Cottage by the Sea

Abba Father,
The door to my “secret room” is open
My sins, my flaws, weaknesses exposed
But I’ve prayed about them before
These things I hide You already know.
I didn’t come to our seaside abode
To pray over things or past hurts
I come here today to say thank you
For the way Your Spirit within me works.
Let me express my gratitude
For Your daily protection and strength
Your provisions and Your guidance
Have added tremendously to my days in length.
Your love for me is so vital
It’s grace, it’s peace, it’s joy
It heals my deepest hurts and anguish
More comforting than a child’s treasured toy.
I take so much, too much, for granted
Show so little gratitude in turn
How pitiful the time I take to express
Thanks for Your love within that burns.
For people loving me beyond measure
When I’ve deserved it the least
They’ve stepped up and loved me like You
When I’ve been much like a beast.
I’m ashamed of the times I forget
To say thank You for them too,
Its weak and its even foolish
To forget one’s truest of true.
Lord Your blessings upon me can’t be numbered
Like the grains of sand on the beach
Your love that covers me keeps growing,
Keeping them all within my grasping reach.
Let me take the time say You
Thank You Abba for blessings abound
Thank You for this moment right now
For being lost now being found.
Thank You Abba Father, thank You
No expression will ever be enough
For the blessings always around me
As beautiful as the sand and surf.
d.f.a.v. 3-10-14

I Thank You

For the blessings in my life that You’ve bestowed-
For life,
For family,
For church,
For friendships,
For Your presence here today,
For Your always hearing when I pray,
I thank You!
For Your blessings and provisions to numerous to count-
For medicine,
For laughter,
For breath,
For Your life itself,
For Your grace and compassion and love,
For Your joy and comfort sent from above,
I thank You!
For far, far so much more gratitude is due-
For rain,
For sorrows,
For troubles,
For hurt,
For struggles that have deepened me,
For the person in me others miss that You see,
I thank You!
For if You lend Your ears to my prayer You will hear my thanks-
For Calvary,
For an empty tomb,
For Heaven,
For eternity,
For the wonders and glory of all You are,
For the beauty of sun, moon and stars,
I thank You!
For thanks are due in every situation of life-
For prosperity,
For need,
For love,
For grief,
For all of life’s goodness and grace,
For all of the troubles and trying of faith,
I thank You!
Looking all around me the blessings they mount-
For Your Word,
For paper and ink,
For comforts,
For all I have,
For each spiritual crises and victory,
For Your abiding in one as unworthy as me,
I thank You!
d.f.a.v. 8-13-13

Giving thanks!