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Father, I Thank You


Photographer: Martha Gaston Taylor

Today, I woke up and breathed in medicine,

To rid my lungs of pneumonia again.

But, Father in Heaven I thank You.

Many in this world have no medicine,

And a chance to be well may not come for them.

In Heaven You will heal them though, God, I thank You.

My line to the outside world, my writing,

Gone with a laptop destroyed and it’s crushing.

But, Father in Heaven, I thank You.

Some people have no contact beyond home,

They can’t purchase a replacement, fear being alone.

But, if we pray, You will find a way for them.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself with what I can’t do,

Travel, leave my home, drive, even clean my house too.

But, Father in Heaven, I thank You, for the still having the dreams.

Sharing now with others priorities that are real,

For some still think they get some judgment day appeal.

Father, I thank You for all who point the way to You.

When I lay down to sleep tonight, no guarantee of tomorrow,

With the life I’ve lived, the joys and the sorrows.

Father, You’ve blessed me with You by my side here.

Far too many lay to sleep and never think,

They might not see an earthly tomorrow, gone in a blink.

Father, I thank You for Your will is none perish not knowing You.

                           dfav 8/5/16


A Letter Long Overdue


Dear God,
I wanted to send You a letter.
Some may call this a prayer,
And that’s okay,
Either way,
Its the content, not the title.

First, thanks because I see better.
Visibility improved so quick its rare.
At the break of day,
I must say,
Thank You for the things I take for granted.

Second, there’s You and Your gift at Calvary,
It floods my life with grace,
Seeps through cracks,
Front and back,
Continuous and flowing.

Second, my husband, all he is and his bravery,
Love for You and us on his face,
Intertwined and strong,
That can’t be wrong,
For it too is overwhelming.

Third, our heart and our joy,
Our daughter, half child, half grown,
Each time she says Mama or Dad,
Cause for joy, not sad,
Even when our patience is tried.

Fourth, we’re among the free, not toys,
We’ve accepted we’re not pawns.
You’ve been patient so long,
We hear the sweetest song,
To it our life and hearts are tied.

Fifth, for our homes, what was and is,
Our meals, someone prepared them,
Clean water to drink and bathe,
More though, to us time You gave,
All the little stuff I take for granted.

Sixth, last but not in priority is the ease,
With which You blessed my day,
For this morning I woke,
To hear what You’ve spoke,
And counted my blessings again.
                    dfav 2/8/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #36, 12/1/15


Abba Father:
Thank You for this early morning blessing,
As I sat out by the Sea watching the darkness,
As You drew back the velvet curtains,
There was one thing I knew for certain,
That You were a firm foundation,
On which we’ve built our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
A gift for which to You, I never stop praising,
An indescribable gift, always giving.
As the sky folds back and the Son takes center stage,
I am reminded God,  You’ve allowed me,
One more peek at life from this shore,
And I am Your’s forevermore.
I thank You!
                                               dfav 12/1/15


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #34, 11/20/15


Much to be grateful for, starting off with You,
For everything You are,  and everything You do.
The times that I have plans of how my life should go,
And patiently You show me why You must tell me no.
My husband’s love which he has remained true to,
Faithful to me, home and thankfully Lord, You.
Our fourteen-year-old so close to flying away from home,
Who needs me still to be not her friend, but her mom.
A church family with arms open wide,
Who always care I’m stuck here inside.
I’m grateful for the food we have to eat,
The laughter and love where our hearts meet.
There’s my extended family who love me through it all,
My Hospice Angels who bless me when their steps strike the hall.
You,  O Lord,  the I Am I’m grateful for even when life sinks,
Because You, Lord Almighty never let Hope even blink.
For the lessons tough to learn for me,
You’ve been a teacher who helped me see.
And when I only gave to say I had,
You reminded me how that made You sad.
Thank You Abba Father,  for everything.
Thank You Abba Father, for everything.
I thank You,                          dfav 11/20/15

Child, Do You Love Me


Do you love me,  My Child?
Am I  first in your heart?
Is it for My Kingdom,
You work for each day?
Am I in each word you say?

Are you grateful, Child of Mine?
Do I  shine in each act you do?
Does your thanks rule your mind?
Do you give in spirit kind?
That evidence will be easy to find.

When you say grace you bow your head,
Am I foremost in your thoughts?
Is it Me that you consider,
Providing all that you have need?
Surely first you sowed My seed?

My Child, as you drive the streets,
It is Me you see in the homeless eyes,
Me in the tattered clothes they wear?
Me begging for their daily bread?
Then –
Their needs are met and goodwill spread.

Love,  gratitude, thanks are easily spoken,
Not so often as easily displayed,
It must be something forever seen,
That there is a cost to follow me.
Then –
You’re willing in what must be.

Pick up your cross and follow Me.
            dfav 11/4/15

The Road to Blessing


Thanking You is easy,
Counting blessings one by one,
Straight on through infinity,
Can’t outdo Your generosity.

From life’s first breath,
In the Paradise called Eden,
To the Jesus’ death at Calvary,
Gratitude given with formality.

But beyond the Garden Tomb,
After the curtain torn into,
Humanity can express their thanks,
Without thought to file and rank.

In screams and yells and loud glee,
Shaky voices or ones confident,
However the gratitude expressed,
It is because we know we’re blessed.

Road behind us reveals Your touch,
Road beside us shows us now,
If we can thank You for was and be,
We’ll thank You for what we cannot see.

Road of gratitude lead me on,
I know You go to our eternal home,
May the road ring day and night
Count our blessings to be to make it right.
d. f. a. v. 1/3/15

Cottage by the Sea #5 – 2015


Abba Father:
How beautiful this snow and ice look!
Blanketing the earth in diamonds and white.
A feast for the eyes to embrace this sight.
A balm for my heart when everything looks alright.
Innocent and pure it appears to be
What should I fear in this beauty?

The sun rises and the blanket reflects,
The yellows, oranges and reds of sunrise
It’s a lift for the soul a blessed surprise.
Something so dazzling it nearly burns the eyes.
The world seems alive with energy
All because of this immeasurable imagery.

If this part of the world could stop
No one have to work, there be no emergencies.
If adults and children could play as far as eye could see.
If when this art of nature melted gradually,
It didn’t reveal any ravaged tragedies or wounds
If we’d emerge a butterfly from a cocoon.

But tomorrow has troubles of its own,
So I’ll not borrow or think far ahead
But praise You for the wonder my eyes have read
Thank You for each blessing instead
Trust You to provide whatever the need
Have faith in Your every action and deed.

Enjoy the sight and the quiet peace!
Before life erupts again frantically
Barreling down to achieve dramatically
The good and evil deeds of man fast and furiously.
Yes, tomorrow has sorrows of its own
Today for those I will not moan and groan.

Instead look how the ocean spray froze!
Rows of sea foam froze on deck and pier,
Even the sea has frozen on top it appears,
Seashells and seaweed ice encased are dear.
Thank You Abba for this beautiful time out!
I will find ways to rejoice rather than pout!
d.f.a.v. 2/26/15

Cottage by the Sea – #1 2015


Abba Father:
We’ve had a quiet few days
Enjoyed the companionship
Not feeling the need to speak
Or not to speak
Or sing
Or not to sing…
Enjoyed just resting in Your presence
And writing when You moved me
What better way to be?
Just You shaping me to be me.
Thank You.

Sometimes Lord these type days
Make me feel anxious or afraid
That something bad is coming
Or something wrong
Or maybe a sin
Or perhaps not
The huge capacity for what if’s
Tend to drive me crazy
But today Lord, I’m breathing You in
Like salty ocean air again
That lights my heart to begin
A peaceful hour or so or ten.
Thank You.

All these things that cause me to stumble
That cause me to focus on stuff
Rather than on You
Or Your Word
Or living righteously
Or doing right
Regardless of the sacrifice
Or good old-fashioned nice
Or promises made with good advice.
Thank You.

Tomorrow could be the day
Every question could be answered
Each shadow cast out by the sun
Or by Your Son
Or someone gets through
Or someone cries
But I’ve come to realize
That questions meet their demise
When I image myself in the skies.
Thank You.
                    –d.f.a.v.  1/4/15

From the Cottage by the Sea – Lost Holiday

Abba Father:
Of all man’s made-up holidays
I’ve sort of felt sorry for Thanksgiving
With all the attention of Halloween
Then around the corner Christmas
Poor Thanksgiving gets pushed away.

Add to the mix in these modern years
Black Friday which often starts on Thursday
Football games and round-the-clock shopping
Plus attention on the feast to be devoured.
Tensions and indulgences as the day appears.

This year Lord, I pause and think
Of this Cottage in my Heart
The one we built to accommodate
My focus so I could see
You won’t let me drown or sink.

A simple stone Cottage by the Sea
So we could meet here to be in sync.
It’s been the refuge where I went
When with You I needed time alone
The quiet place to be the storm’s escape.

To read and meditate on Your Word.
So heart and soul could dance in step
Thank You dear Father up above
For understanding this special need,
For not thinking it absurd.

May Thanksgiving come more often to this place
My life be Thanks Living for You
My Perfect Father up above.
Speak to my heart this morning
As I humbly seek to run my race.

Thanksgiving should be woven out and in
Gratitude should burst forth singing
If we truly serve God in gratefulness
Then Thanksgiving isn’t merely a holiday
It has become our faith we live in.

May God bless you this Thanksgiving.
d.f.a.v. 11/4/14

Hearts Gratitude


Let the heavens ring with majesty
Let all knees bow and souls ring loyalty,
Let mankind give his best for God,
In testing winds until He nods.

May gratitude be Heaven sent
May God’s love sweep away Satan’s torment,
May grace abound where hope abides
And wash away the muck of sins tides.

Let gratitude increase with time
Let no one live for self sublime
Let every blessing big and small
Intertwine our hearts in Jesus call.

May my heart lift in gratitude
May my lips rejoice with Heaven’s food.
May today You help me praise my King
For throughout history truth must ring.

Let me not forget reality’s frosts
Let me recall Christ paid the cost
Let me breath in salvation free
Fill me with thanks repeatedly.

May the blessings be in my gratitude
For forgiveness, family, all we hold true.
Early morning coffee as the sun does rise,
Give way to times of honesty so much the prize.

Thank you Lord for who You are
A God up close and never far,
Guide me toward my Heavenly port
Release me now from debtors court.
              d.f.a.v. 11/3/14