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In Every Sunset

When I stop seeing the colors in the sunrise,
Overlook the layers of liquid hues in a rainbow,
Fail to giggle at shapes in clouds overhead,
Then Lord, I am thinking too much about what I think I know.

When I stop noticing the vividness of a sunset,
Neglect the weathered glory of the ancient landmarks,
Fail to smile at the sweetness of newborn babes,
Then Lord, I am lost in my own self-imagined goodness and marks.

You’re always there though, whether I see it or not,
The proof of Your existence available if I look to see,
And You should be what I want to find,
In every trace of life, of hope, of love is You and Your majesty.
    dfav 2/16/17


Cottage by the Sea, #10, 6/21/16


Abba Father:
The sun rose this morning,
Peeking over the horizon,
Where sky meets sea,
And I am here again,
Heart and soul free,
To soar on the wings,
Of the Holy Spirit as birds,
In the air.
There is peace.
              dfav 6/21/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea #28 10/21/15

Abba Father:
You’ve awakened me from slumber sweet,
No minor victory in this life’s off beat,
Calling me to come and truly see,
The miracle You’ve displayed over the Sea.
Here I sit in the first of mornings dawn,
Waters and waves break like a breathing lawn,
And as I wait with stilled breath,
The sunrise breaks in layered depth.
First a hint of softening rose and glow,
Then a lightening of the horizons show.
Before my eyes the sun unfolds,
In layers of pink, blue, rose and gold.
A single ship raises sail against the sky,
And I know I’m blessed to witness night to fly.
O praise You Lord for another day,
Great are You, I Am, to show me The Way.
Before me lays a promise sweet,
As my breath and heart join the beat,
You’ve exploded the sky with colors great,
And call to me it is not too late,
To proclaim Your love, mercy and grace,
As sure as this sunrise breaks upon my face.
Let all with breath,
Praise the Lord,
               dfav 10/21/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #25 9/23/15


Abba Father:
Before the sun rose this morning, I did.
Getting as close to the water’s edge as I could get,
My chair goes, pushed, with such ease.
Watching as a hint of color tints the horizon,
Deep desire to be close enough to the sea I’m wet.
My soul opens up, seeking You as You please.
There’s no where I can be hid,
Even if that’s what I sought, but, it isn’t.

You have swiped Your hand, across the sky.
Your painters palate beautifully displayed,
My heart does what my feet cannot,
Gliding on a path of reflected hues,
I find myself a part of the wonder arrayed,
Praise You, Abba, Your daughter is not forgot,
Although I will always wonder why.
You love someone like me.

Oh, what joy in my heart unfolds and grows,
Becoming one with the beauty You created,
Who has pushed me here to acknowledge You, Creator?
I couldn’t before, nor do I now.
My heart never again can forget such love displayed.
Let Your love shine in, silence the haters.
For in this sunrise love is all it knows.
I praise You, Lord, for reminding me.

Oh, praise You, Lord, the I Am!
Praise You, Abba, the Healer.
Praise You, Almighty, forever and ever.
Praise You, My Shepherd, for Your guidance.
Praise You, Sweet Savior, Lord of all, forever.
Praise You, Master, help me forsake You never.
Praise You, O Holy One, the Gentle Lamb.
Praise You for Your love, mercy and grace.
        dfav 9/23/15

Cottage by the Sea #9

Abba Father, Master of the Sea:

Out at dawn,
Roll at the edge,
Waves meet sand,
Unpredictable sea.

We must engage,
We must interact,
It will set me free.
Here by the sea.

Driftwood and shells,
A foaming spray,
A rising sun.
Pure majesty.

A blush begins,
Horizon lights,
A masterpiece,
First strokes begun.

Layer upon layer,
The color applied,
A sight subtle, bold,
A beauty quiet.

‘Til the sea and sky,
A duet sings,
The sunrise rises,
Sea reflect the skies.

Here I am, Lord,
So very small,
Reveal Yourself to me,
Here by the Sea.

Clean my soul,
Free my heart,
Forgiveness please,
My soul, Your art.

Sunrise in glory full,
It takes my breath,
You return it to me,
Beside the sea.

Your masterpieces,
Are all around,
You’re here with me,
By the sea.

Thank You Lord,
Amen, amen.
           d.f.a.v.  4/7/15

From the Cottage by the Sea at Daybreak

Good morning Lord it’s me
Here at our Cottage by the Sea,
Speechless now before You
As the sun unfurls it’s rays
As land and sea bid welcome another day.

Rolling back the night that fell
Reminding me of Your truth to tell,
A ball of a golden-orangish hue
Bids the flowers, birds and clouds
Love and live the Lord out loud.

O the peace that my heart feels
From the assurance You are real
For only Your’s is such a face
To bring Your love alive
Such patience You do exercise,
d.f.a.v. 7-24-14

Cottage by the Sea at Sunrise


Awake before the sun breaks the horizon

Eyes cast to the east to see and hear

The morning symphony You’ve written

New every morning to say You’re near.

The sky becomes an entire stage

As You provide humanity another day

With a reminder of Your great love

If our hearts but hear what you say.

In breathless minutes of anticipation

The horizon streaks where Your fingertips

Paint the sunrise of this moment, now

With swirls of colors that rise and dip.

The ocean reflects the music too

All nature participating as You choose

Thank You that I’m alive to see and hear

The harmony You choose to use.

Your music swells as clouds reflect

The beauty of this day You bring

Ocean waves carry forth the beat

As all creation joins to play and sing.

No greater movement man can produce

Sweeter to ear or eye than Yours anew

The Sunrise Symphony of a Holy God

Lights up the sky and morning dew.

        d.f.a.v. 7-7-14