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What Change in this Wind?

Photo by Jeffrey Czum on Pexels.com
With all that 2020 has involved,
Face masks,
Shut downs,
I wonder at this newest storm,
What once cold will now be warm?

With all that 2020 has involved,
Calls for justice, equality
I shiver at these chilling winds,
Will America ever mend?

With all that 2020 has involved,
Hate upon hate,
I'm saddened that we've come to this,
What next in all this craziness?

With all that 2020 has involved,
Untruthful media,
Evil erupting,
I ache with shame this is who we are,
How did we allow us to slip this far?

With all that 2020 has involved,
Health crisis,
Miles to travel,
Prayer itself,
God remains steadfast,
I pray for answers and solutions,
I pray somehow God will bring resolutions.

With all that 2020 has involved,
It could get worse,
It could get better,
Hearts could mend,
Friendships begin,
God could reign free again,
I clasp His hand for I see the winds,
They're roaring at us, change they send.


Cottage by the Sea #4 – 2015


Abba Father:
Sit here and watch the storm?
The snow falling in blankets.
Piling up,
Up on the sand…
Oblivating landmarks behind us.
No corner free from the rip,
Roaring sound
That zips and presses solid walls,
And rattles window panes
Announcing it’s presence
Leaving no hope of pretense
That it hasn’t any apologies to make
It intends to wreck havoc
With our lives?
Neither bird, animal or man
Ventures out into this madness.
This freezing
Wild dance nature reveals.
The sea spray freezing
In instant imitations
Of itself thrown,
Flung like salty
Cloudy ice sculptures
Onto every structure
In the reach of its artistry.
Come morning, if possible,
I’ll try photographing the
But I won’t hold my breath
Because I can’t plow
My way free.
Not of this or
The latest boxes
I threw hastily into the room.
Images of men in
Black hoods or camouflage ones,
And pop stars on beasts,
Announcing they’ve turned to Satan.
Israel ‘s Prime Minister
Urging all Jews to come home,
To separate themselves
From all other peoples.
Parents starving babies
Hiding children’s existence
Sitting silent rather than reveal
Where they went or
Were taken
By the only one they knew.
Of war torn countries
Populations shrinking as
They bury their dead.
Of martyrs bodies
Falling to earth while
Their souls rise to You.
Another storm.
With no apologies
For the havoc it intends
To wreck in our lives.
Leaving no pretense
Of evils existence
Upon earth
And in man.
God have mercy.
               d.f.a.v.  2/19/15

From the Cottage by the Sea 6-9-14


Good morning Abba Father!
What a glorious morning Abba
The rain is pouring down
Can’t see the ocean waves
Though I know they are there.

Thunder rolls as lightening strikes
A vivid electrical show
The roar of ocean waters
Storm and natures power show
And I see beauty in this gift.

Not every day You’ve deemed
To be sun kissed skies aglow
Days filled with vivid colors
Are not guarantees I know
But each day has its beauty.

It’s not always easy Lord
To see the beauty in the storms
The ones in our lives themselves
Rend our spirits tossed and torn
Yet the sun is there somewhere.

It is above these threatening clouds
Waiting for the clouds to part
For the storm to roll on past
For us to open our hearts
When blinded eyes can again see,

The rainbow arched across the sky
The blue skies freshly scrubbed
The treasures strewn on the sand
In the heart the tears have showed
Yes, above the storm, the sun shines.

Paul wrote to the Romans in 8:28
That all things work together for good
For those who love the Lord
Something man hasn’t always understood
About the storms in life.

Sometimes the good is in the storm
The beauty and power on display
Sometimes it’s in what’s produced
When rain cries “No more dismay”!
Or the treasures the storm uncovers.

Good morning Lord I offer You
My heart, my spirit, my soul
You are alive in this wild storm
In it, it’s You I can learn to know
Before the storm has passed on by.
               d.f.a.v. 6-9-14
Let it Be!

Cottage by the Sea 4:55 a.m.



Abba Father,

Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

The seas waves were violently rolling

Shoreline brave as it receives its beating

Thunderous dark clouds are hovering

Is it over yet? Safe to head for shore?

Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

These cottage walls have moaned

The roof has swayed and buckled

Lights have fled deck surely splintered

Is it over yet? Safe to rise?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

It was frightening and powerful

Tearing down and createful

Raging until it had blown its full

Is it over yet? Is it safe to go see?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

But I know just beyond this darkness

In the face of its destructiveness

There is mercy in its restlessness

Is it over yet? Safe to gather evidence?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Trees are twisted some uprooted

Piers still standing some disappeared

Shoreline even appears to be shifted

Is it over yet? Safe to examine now?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Landmarks of my journey though unaltered

Present what it is but strangely untangled

The future path now seems unearthed

Is it over yet? Safe to regroup?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Yet I know there is no need for fear

No place for whining or pity tears

Eyes focused on You ears tuned to hear

It is over. Safe to move on.

    d.f.a.v. 4/1/2014

Let it be,