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Paid in Full (or Payment Due II)


Counted lost,
Hopeless lost,
Offended everyone,
Alienated all,
Hurting people,
Destroying things,
Marriage shredded,
Kids traumatized.
Darkness wins,
Pay now for sins.

This evilness,
This darkness,
Has crushed you.
To point of death,
Leaves aware.
To late pay now!
You isolated self,
No help to come,
Dark laughs.
You call one name,
Name of Names.

You feel it,
Welcome it,
Slight lightening.
You confess,
Calvary seen,
Dying Christ,
You weep,
Secrets flee,
Empty tomb,
Christ won,
Light is Son.

Darkness fled,
Spirit lead,
You called to God.
His love,
His sacrifice,
Melts dark away,
Frees your soul,
Redeems your eternity,
Your sin debt,
“Paid in full! ”
“Paid in full! ”
         dfav 9/10/15

The Price of Duck Stands

Photo from Facebook fan page. Photo credit unknown. Pictured Phil and Kay Robinson.

It feels like everyone in America has taken sides in the Duck Dynasty and A&E controversy. Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robinson family, Duck Commander and founder of the world known Duck Commander business has clearly defined his stance on being placed on hiatus from the smash hit Duck Dynasty for A&E and what led to it.

So also has:
*The Robertson family
*Cracker Barrel (who removed merchandise then replaced it after public outcry grew overwhelming)
*Glenn Beck, of The Blaze Network
*Gov. Bobby Jindal, current governor of Louisiana
*Lt. Gov. of Louisiana Jay Dardenne
*State Representative of Louisiana, Marcus Hunter
*Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and presidential candidate
*Mike Huckabee
*The Sheriff of Douglas County, Georgia
*probably all added together over a million regular Jane and Joe’s
*and the list goes on…

On the off chance you are unaware of what Robinson did to get suspended from Dusk Dynasty I will attempt to give you a brief overview. In an interview for the January issue of GQ Magazine Robinson is quoted as saying homosexuality is a sin as are other sexual acts. He is also quoted concerning his experience of the plight of African-American’s during the 1960’s as one where he worked along beside them in cotton fields and none of them complained to him concerning their treatment by white people.

What price do the regular Jane and Joe pay to take a stand with Phil Robertson? Seriously, what do you and I risk by saying we support Phil Robertson? What do we risk by standing firm on the Word of God period? Shouldn’t the latter be the real reason we speak up?

I do think Robinson, well-educated man that he is, certainly could have expressed his viewpoints using less course language. I also think Drew Magory who wrote the piece for GQ could have refrained from his vulgar profanity in writing the piece. Magory’s choice of words is far more offensive than Robinson’s, in my opinion.

But my point today is what price can most of us who support Robinson and/or the Bible expect to pay? For most of us that price depends on how well-known we are in society and perhaps in the way we voice our opinion.

Using myself as an example, as a blogger with a subscribed readership of under 200 my remarks will not draw the attention that a blogger with a readership of 2000 will. Therefore, my risk is smaller than others.

It increases however in the personal arena as I have some friends from my former place of employment and college days who are homosexuals…they don’t know, until they read this, that I support Robinson’s viewpoint.

Why? The subject has just never come up with the exception of one relationship.

In my previous work environment discussing your sexual orientation wasn’t a topic for conversation. Even if facts are well known, they just aren’t discussed. They didn’t ask my opinion and I didn’t offer it.

The exception is the relationship I have with my friend, Mitch, who I have blogged about previously. To publicly say I not only support Phil Robinson but I agree with his viewpoint on where God stands with homosexuality, will cause some jaws to drop in surprise. Mitch will be deeply wounded. For his sake alone I want to justify, somehow, the view of God and homosexuality.

Even at the cost of my relationship with Mitch, my cost is nothing compared to that of the Robertson’s or the bloggers, commentators on blogs, discourses on the subject, or the next one in the limelight whose risks far outweigh mine.

But stand I do. Not for Phil Robertson but upon the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ because it is what my God tells me to do.

Homosexuality is a sin against God. It is far outside the purpose He had in creating us and it goes against nature.

I don’t think one is condemned to hell simply because of it. I don’t think it is irrevocable, permanent or grounds of immediate condemnation from anyone. I do think God can and will deliver us all from our sins if we allow Him and surrender all to Him. Especially those sins that to dream of conquering seems impossible.

We are all sinners and we all have one or more particular sin we struggle with. Yet, the only reason someone ends up spending eternity in hell is because they choose to. You won’t end up in hell without walking through your opportunity to have a personal relationship with God.

However, although I believe God and the Bible and stand publicly for both I don’t think this means I or anyone else has a right to express our stance, our opinion or faith irresponsibly, in anger or hate, with malice or in words or actions that strip a person of their value in God’s eyes. The church and Christians have gravelly wounded many who are in desperate need of a cup of cold water instead of hatred, loathing, and contempt.

Nor do we become the doormat trampled on in our loving response to any sinner. We, as a people, must find a way to do the right thing, the God ordained mission to bring people to a saving relationship with Him, in a less judgmental or harsh manner.

Now, at what price will we stand publicly for Christ? Will we risk our place in society? Our jobs? Our relationships? Our way of life? Our families way of life? Our families?

Jesus told us in Luke 9:57-62 about the cost of following Him and He ends that discourse with these words, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.”

Don’t look back,