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You Are Who You Are


When they tell you
You’re put together wrong
Tell them Jesus handled the arrangements.
And if He put these pieces
In this order
There’s no mistake.

For by the grace of God
You are who you are
A being knit together in your mother’s womb
A person whose very number of hairs on their head
Are known by Him.

For He knows the plans
He has for your life and in every life
There is a time for everything
A purpose for existing
In the moment and way you are.

Look up to the Father
Trust Him for we see a poor reflection in a mirror
He sees with eyes of love
With a heart of mercy
For by His grace you are who you are.

So whoever questions who you are
That your decision to live
Your life by the standards He gave
That being in the world
But not part of the world–

That the arrangements of this core of you
Are weird or wrong or unattractive
Who gives them the power to decide?
You have Him to call upon
He knows you before birth throughout eternity.

You’re put together quite well thank you
A work in progress for He
Who begins a good work in you
Will see that work completed
For by His grace you are who you are.
                  d.f.a.v. 2/24/15

Scripture used:
1 Corinthians 15:10
Psalm 139:103
Ecclesiastical 3:1-8a
1 Corinthians 13:12
2 Corinthians 6
Philippines 1:6