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Cottage-by-the-Sea #31


Abba Father,
The sun has yet to rise,
No lightening off the far horizon,
And I’m here—
Sitting by the dark Sea,
Waves black froth tipped lace,
Delicate touch–
Heavier my heart than my need,
For rest or sleep or relief,
Pain and anger—
There’s not enough water,
To wash away my fears or tears,
Or life’s stains—
My soul cries out “Abba Father! “,
You hear me, I know,
I wait for You—
Waves cover.
Cold, dark and wet they pull,
Moving me deeper into the Sea,
I am going under—
Your hand.
Plucks me out of danger quick,
Settles me inside drying,
Assuring but stern—
I know better.
To give Evil such opportunity,
To feed my fears and doubts,
You’re stronger in me—
I must ask.
And I lay my head in Your lap,
Sobbing in frustration and grief,
Wearied by the world—
I’m spent.
Here in the Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Again You school me on,
Running the race—
With hope.
We all get tired and worn,
The best among us fail,
When we try alone—
To win.
Thank You for rescuing me,
For forgiveness and hope,
Love always there—
            dfav 10/27/15

From the Cottage by the Sea After Christmas


Abba Father:
Thank you for this warm retreat
Where You and I can come to meet
It matters not the weather outside
Your love sets the temperature inside.
As I transfer from wheelchair to prayer haven
My heart overflows at the care You’ve taken.
How strange it is here at the Christmas season
When advertising bombards us to want many things
My list contains few manmade goods or rings.
To pray for better health and miraculous healing
A mortgage paid off or a life without bad feelings
Or even a change in others attitudes
Perhaps unbiased and even some good news
Would be expected given the circumstances
But its not on my list or what my heart fancies.
This prayer instead Lord, is to stay the course
No matter the terrain to stick with it better or worse.
I do not want to suffer for sufferings sake
But I am trying hard to submit for Your Holy stake.
You require of me one hundred percent surrender
The unknown in that are the unseen things that hinder
I pray for strength and Your grace
To somehow, regardless, run this race.
The sun rises slowly and brilliantly
In the East coloring the night time sea
Your hands holding out a golden, glorious light
Renewing in my heart and soul the fight
To place myself completely in Your right.
Show me where I fail You Master and Friend
Help me think less of me and more of You never-end.
A hero I seek not to be, even for You
Only to finish my course through all life’s hues
To arrive to dwell with You in Your Heavenly place
And hear You say “My daughter look upon my face.”
“Your race wasn’t perfect but my precious one,
You allowed me to be the One who won.”
Lord, help me reach beyond my comfort zone
To point out to others the only way home.
Regardless where life takes me as I stumble through
You’ve a plan for me so please, help me do for You.
Help me submit and never take my eyes off You
It’s the absolute, least thing I could ever do.
                        d.f.a.v.  12/26/14