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Morning Dance


Outside of the window,
The fog danced round the rose,
Branches tapped upon the glass,
So the beginning goes.

Behind the mountain top,
The sun began to ripen to the day,
Warm, golden rays did separate,
The fog, the light and breezes sway.

Outside of the window now,
Round the rose the trio dance,
Swirling intertwining meld,
Some last shadow to name.

It says it all this mini-scene,
This one-act one-scene show for one,
A little gift from God to me,
That the race is not yet done.

At full disclosure now the rose,
It’s sweet fragrance will release,
As my prayers reach His throne,
My living soul finds peace.

No more shall I watch this rose,
In any other but grateful way,
For God has shown me now the end,
When the Son starts the day.

Beauty exists all around us,
Depending on how we see,
If we will only open up our eyes,
And see what Jesus sees.
              dfav 10/11/15