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Don’t make me out to be more than I am.
One woman doing the best she can.
Then when I fail, when I fall,
You can move on without​ stumbling yourself.

Don’t come to see me to sit and gawk.
I am not an historical monument.
There’s feelings connected to my heart,
Sometimes they aren’t of sunny disposition.

Don’t tell me you know how I feel.
Unless you walk this walk you can’t.
No, you really can’t imagine, trust me.
Peddle your sympathy somewhere else.

Don’t think that because I wail at this sentence
I’m giving up on God or my situation.
Sometimes I have to point out the ugliness.
It makes the humblest of plain beautiful.

Don’t think, ever, for the smallest moment
That any strength or good or patience
You think you witness in me is of my doing!
To God be the glory, He does and is all.
       dfav 6/2/17