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Cottage-by-the-Sea, #1, 2017

O Father!
As sure as the waves lap at the shoreline,
Whether harshly or with gentleness,
Let Your servant be steady before You,
Seeking forgiveness from You in steadiness.

As numerous as the sand grains,
Whether sugar white or black with ash,
Let Your child come seeking wisdom,
Instead of greedily seeking cash.

As consuming as the sounds of surf,
Surround Your Heir as thoroughly as this place,
May I seek Your understanding foremost,
Your strength for this earthly race.

As deeply as the water soaks me,
When it steeps me heart and soul,
May Your love then rescue me.
As sure as the history told.

Life lived beside the seaside,
In my heart’s Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Serves as a port of refuge and reconciliation,
Where You and I meet heart-to-heart honestly.

So though the world rock on in turmoil,
Hear Your daughter’s cry for mercy please,
Clean and bind my wounds open before You,
Heal me and set my soul at ease.

Longer than this spot guide others safely,
May it serve to launch a million ships,
To show the world of Your presence,
As from here my soul to You will slip.
            dfav 1/31/17



Lately Lord have I taken the time with You
To check in about life and what I do?
Have I shared with You what’s going on
Thoughts taking root, those now gone?
Have I wept with You over human brutality
The violence, the wrath, the shockability?
A look at the fabric You weave of my life
Have we shared this lately after storm and strife?
Lately Lord have I just come to You
With heart in my hand overwhelmed with gratitude?
Have I offered my praise to the Living God
The Creator of sky, water and sod?
Have I taken a moment to celebrate
That You, Jehovah God, are never late?
Repented of sin and turned away
Trusting Your strength for a brand new day?
Have I rejoiced in the resilience of faith and hope
As Your children recover and turn to You to cope?
Lately Lord at the end of earth’s daily hours
Have I paused just to listen to what You express by Your power?
Have I poured myself out from the depth of my soul,
Leaving no sin unconfessed, full disclosure the goal?
Have my feet found direction as we’ve talked
Do I understand the path we’ve walked?
Lately Lord have I been too self-absorbed
Leaving You out, been way too self-centered?
Wanting and doing are not the same thing
And I just need to know am I worshipping The King?
Have I met with You in solitude
Asked You to check my head, heart and mood?
Lately Lord just what have I done
To point others to Father, Spirit and Son?
          d.f.a.v. 3-12-14