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From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #7, 3/24/16


Abba Father,

You promised never to leave me,
So Lord, even in my anger,
I know You’re at my shoulder,
Waiting for my eyes to see.
I know I’m not angry at You,
Far easier to justify my anger,
Than admit I got swept up,
In what modern medicine might do.

Thank You for Your open arms,
Thank You for Your forgiveness,
Thank You for protecting me,
Keeping me from physical harm.

Sustain me as I swallow this bitter pill,
As I regroup and trust Your provision,
Use my life to encourage others,
To turn to You and drink their fill.
Like those who are thirsty to live,
Like those who need hope,
Especially those who need a Savior,
Let them see only You have these to give.
                                  dfav 3/23/16

Lesson in the Wheel

She danced all week
The fair had come to town
Come Friday night she’d get to ride
THE FERRIS WHEEL round and round!

A thirteen year dream come true
This time she was confident and
So excited she didn’t know what to do
Joy, joy the fair was coming to town!

She prayed all week rain wouldn’t come
Did all her chores with no complaints
Prayed every night God would see the dream done.
She told her friend and Daddy too.

Rain passed early everything fell into place
It was certain her dream would come true
High expectations shone on her face
She could barely contain herself.

But her friend rode a ride fast and wild
His ride over he said no ferris wheel ride
After the scary one was her ride was too mild?
Or was something else was on his mind?

When she came home in tears
She and I talked it through
We prayed God would erase her fears
And she went off feeling okay.

Later she asked me were we being naive?
Did God really care if she had this dream?
I thought for a moment how God weaves
The threads of our lives including our dreams.

When she gets older her dreams will change
She’ll pray many prayers for dreams all around
God’s answers will come for each prayer and range
Ferris wheel rides, a husband, babies of her own.

Once we finished our prayer that night
She looked at me to have her say
I told her go on, it will be alright
And what she said blew my mind.

Mama, it was just a Ferris Wheel
One day I’ll ride, wait and see.
Her truth was no bitter tear
God granted her sunshine in rain.

Last night before she kissed me goodnight
She amazed me with wisdom beyond her years
Her heart had mended exactly right
She’d begun to make preparations for next year.
d.f.a.v 10/5/14