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Quiet Time

Connected, I feel better.





Infused with every word.

Each letter.

Each sentence.



Past is silenced.





Newness, alert awakened.





Though the day is normal.

Same routine.

Same habitat.



Wings are unfurling.

Breeze incoming.

Breathe of God.



By God I am redeemed.

-d.f.a.v. 12/28/13

That wonderful time of connection with God in prayer and His Word!


Under the Fig Tree

When Jesus called Nathaniel to be an apostle, Philip had told Nathaniel about Jesus and brought Nathaniel to meet him. Jesus told him he knew him and had seen him under the fig tree before Philip had met him. Nathaniel was under the fig tree praying. That was his way of spending time with God, sitting under the fig tree and praying. (John 1:43-51)

Ask any Christian about the how to’s of the time they set aside as a quiet time with God and the answers will vary.  As will even the name they call it.

Devotion time, God time, prayer time, Bible study time, alone time, time under the fig tree — all names I have known people to use to describe that time set apart for communicating with the Father.

The bones of my own time are nothing radical.  I read my Bible, jotting down thoughts, questions, related scriptures.  I pray.  When I pray I almost always write out my prayers.  Doing so keeps me focused, open to the Holy Spirit and is a record of my faith journey.  I need this time, I crave this time and without it I weaken.

Sometimes it’s a time of glorious worship and I sing and praise God out loud without reservation.

Sometimes it’s a time of reflection or intercession.

Always it is a time of connection between my Creator and His creation.

This time I take to continue to work out my salvation with fear and trembling is the foundation of every relationship I have.  As a Daughter of the Abba Father, wife, mother, sibling, church member, friend, blogger, and so on.

Let me encourage you, if a time in your day isn’t set aside for God and you to come together, to make starting one a priority.  If it is part of your Christian life keep it up!

If you’d care to share your ways of having a devoted time with God I’d love to learn from you so please comment if you feel lead to.  If you want to know more about how to start such a quiet time I would love to encourage you, let me know!



The silence is welcome and it is comforting

Just the tick-tocking of the clock nearby

The soft glow of the laptop screen quieting

The buzzing of tasks and mind at ease.

No thoughts competing for one another

Just a soft comfort in silence woos the heart

Speak in this silence as You have to the others

Abba Father, Holy Spirit You are welcome here.

The pages of the Bible are soft to fingertips

Scripture passages underlined from times past

As reminders of Your presence previously sipped.

Of prayers prayed and answers sought.

Evidence of I Am speaking and revealing

Testimonies’ of Believers left for prosperity

Recorded evidence of God speaking

Of the insistence our lives be ones of true belief.

Into this silence comes the brush of Spirit wings

As welcome then as it is welcome now

For it is in here the Spirit speaks and sings

The whispers of Abba Father are surely heard.

Where heart is tune to gentle reprimand

Stern reminders of the price of sin

Hope is offered and takes my hand

Heart is opened to the Father’s love.

Silence yes from earthly things has fell

So can be heard what Heaven joyfully sings

With His touch heart and soul are well

Silence so sweet from earthly noise.