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Reality, Consequences

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There are consequences–

Whether good or bad,

Some are happy, some mad.

There are consequences–

For every choice we make,

No matter what we try to fake.


There are consequences–

For the saved and lost,

For peace or war at any cost.

There are consequences–

When we lose our cool,

For every time we act a fool.


There are consequences–

When fists in anger raise,

When to God we lift our praise.

There are consequences–

When only skins color we see,

For then no one is truly free.


There are consequences–

When we try to pretend,

Especially when we neglect a friend.

There are consequences–

When we loot, bully and burn,

Even when we refuse to learn.


There are consequences–

For taking what’s not ours,

When we abuse our powers.

There are consequences–

To living stuck in the past,

For that time the die is cast.


There are consequences–

To breaking the law,

When from God’s grace we fall.

There are consequences–

With each hearts  that’s turned,

When hate in hate is continually churned.


There are consequences–

Whether we’re right or wrong,

Eventually we hear life’s last song.

There are consequences–

When we go with the mob,

And the times we kneel to God.


There are consequences–

For every decision made,

Each one has a price to paid.

                                   -dfav 9/3/2020

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #9, 3/23/17

Abba Father,
You know it is there,
This hunk of indescribable pain.
Questions, some claim
Faith would never give name.
That to do so acknowledges,
Admits to doubt as a foundation.
And that brings more information
To the forefront of the situation.

But, it is there.

Why do You not heal?
If not the physical needs,
Why not the spiritual misdeeds?
The emotional scars gone to the weeds?
Why isn’t faith rewarded here?
When someone clings to You,
Wraps up everything through and through,
Standing firm, standing firm on You?

Why, do You not answer?

Sometimes, I confess,
I hear the question of questions,
“What if” I’m wrong about the situation?
If You turned us out eons ago, in dissatisfaction​?
Are we calling on a God unmovable,
One no longer concerned with mankind?
Does a bigger disappointment exist for You to find?
Less of a fumble in the daily grind?

Oh, it is there.

But, it is countered with
Swift flowing thoughts of awareness,
That You weave man into Your heart and press,
Your imprint on our souls with Your address.
Day is coming when no more,
Will I have reason to doubt,
Or farmers have reason to fear drought,
When all of life will bloom and sprout.

Awareness lives.

And even now,
I can point to the ugliness,
And You will guide me with gentleness,
Because You act with tenderness,
Even if You must correct me,
Prune sin from my heart’s garden,
Impress upon me I must ask Your pardon,
You do so with love not by a hand grown harden.

I will trust in You.
               dfav 3/22/17


The Answer is Only in You


How does one find answers
To questions they don’t know how to ask?
How does one keep plugging along
If they’re so unsure of the task?

Why does one fumble the ball
When they’re unaware of the game?
Why does the world close in
When one is so unsure of their name?

When will discouragement end
And one’s heart flood with hope itself?
When will one understand You
If one thinks only of themselves?

Where does one turn for help
When doors slamming is all one hears?
Where is it You’re leading one
When one’s heart is so full of fear?

Why do You put up with us?
For others are stronger, braver and true.
Why does one disappoint again
If one believes they seek only You?

What keeps You sheltering us
When the storms are passing overhead?
What evokes Your mercies
When “giving up” is all one has said?

The solution is direct and simple
With all this one can trust only You.
When the world spins away
It is certain, the answer is only in You.
             d.f.a.v. 9/22/14

Conversation With God

“Lord, I love You”
I said with gusto.
“Lead me to serve You,
To follow You wherever You go..”

“Go and feed my sheep,
Feed their souls
Though you lose sleep
My story must be told.”
For a moment I’m stunned
How can I do anymore?
Has He forgotten I’m limited
There aren’t many doors?

Knowing my thoughts God replied
“My child you’ve given up
You see only what closed
Open Your eyes, sip from My cup.

Take what you see as little
And give it Your absolute best
Use words to craft and whittle
So others I can bless.”

The truth wasn’t easy to hear
Though I had bowed my head
Though God was near
I forgot the power in what is read.

“Lord, I love You”
I said with conviction
“Whatever You need me to do
I’ll set course through my depression. ”

As our conversation closed
I realized this fact
Our God uses the broken
For He values truth over act.

Open your ears and eyes
Read with your heart
God is so great there is no disguise
He is life’s sanctuary part.

Acknowledge within your soul
All  the questions you secretly store
Make letting God answer your goal
Trust in Him He will open your doors.
             d.f.a.v. 9/16/17