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From the Cottage by the Sea 6-25-14


Abba Father:

Woke up this morning ready for the day

I had one thought upon my mind

You and what Your Word had to say.


Took out our “conversation” journal

Opened it and Bible took out my pen

Heart set on things eternal.


My sister had a crisis needed a caring ear

Towels wait for me to fold

Limited is my time alone here.


A poem for a birthday had to be composed

Or tomorrow I’d start out behind

This one thing more I supposed.


Our daughter needed my attention

Could we snuggle for a while?

She needed some one on one connection.


My husband wanted to talk budget

A conversation that took a while

As the two of us and our impossibilities met.


By now Lord I’m just wore out

Simply cannot stay awake much more

“I must have rest” my body shouts.


Then supper plans must be laid

Laundry there is still to do

And Chapter 7 needs attention paid.


Thirteen long hours since I rose

With the best of intentions

To start with You I propose.


Then a sight brings tears to my eyes

When our quiet time things I find

My decisions today, they weren’t wise.


Though I plea for forgiveness, sincere

While we at last communicate together

And I know You were always near.


How much calmer might my day have been

If I’d kept You in place number one

Instead of the push of some race to win?


In the dark as I wait for sleep

Thinking about this long, long day

How need after need did creep.


Not one thing that I’d stopped to do

Was a silly or unneeded thing

Sadly though I’d put them before you.


A wiser sister I could have been

A more connected mom

And a more helpful spouse back then,


If I’d but kept our divine appointment

Spent prayer and praise time with You

There would have been no disappointment.


Tomorrow Lord, if You see fit

The sun will brilliantly arrive

Please help me then not to forget


To start my day out with You

Regardless of the tasks and needs

That life brings for me to do.


For I never would want You to say

“O Child I meant to start with you

Please understand I had things to do.”

        -d.f.a.v. 6-25-14




Lessons from the Knocks of Life


Life gives us knocks and spills
Mountains to climb,
Deserts to wander,
Even those seeking God’s will
Are subject to life lessons, no frills.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes,
Grace is extended as God sees fit,
Neither man or woman has the upperhand,
Intelligence doesn’t make you the wisest,
Money can buy you things but freedom from bias.

God has no measure of sin
Evil exists in the cleanest of hearts,
Truth can be found if it you seek,
Usually you yourself do yourself in,
Get up tomorrow and do it again.

Time here is wasted in silly pursuits
For when before God’s throne
We face an account of all we’ve done
No secret, no sin will be moot
Our lives exposed to the very root.

It’s not if we live life here perfectly
Or accumulate wealth, do good deeds,
Won’t matter the cost of our toys
Or the house we live in by lake or tree
But accepted salvation humbly
This is the chief matter I see.

I must pursue Jesus at all costs,
Live every moment reaching for Him,
Seeking God’s will faithfully
Finding His spirit in the very air I breathe
Other pursuits have to high a cost
I must have God or else I’m lost.

Though life valleys be troubled
It’s mountains breathtakingly steep
Though it’s path lead to danger
To temptations to sin
I must stand for God unashamed
To God alone I must be named.