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Less of Me, More of You

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

O Holy God:

Less of me, more of You

Let that be what they see—

Less of me, more of You

Let that be all they read.

For it’s not my strength or abilities

That holds me in this hour—

It’s less of me, more of You

From which flows Your mighty power.



Weeping in the Parking Lot

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Weeping in the parking lot,

Crying out God’s name,

Praying in the parking lot,

Lord, I am not ashamed.

It’s not just any parking lot,

It’s for appointment ninety-five,

When we leave this parking lot,

Please let us know what’s wrong.

Please rain mercy in this parking lot,

Flood the exam room with it too,

There’s hope alive in this parking lot,

We’re sure You’ll see us through.

Worshipping in the parking lot,

Clinging onto You for who You are,

Weeping in the parking lot,

Praying for answers from You.



Comes the Son

These are the loneliest hours,
After bedtime, before dawn,
When the circle of muted light,
Can’t dispel the despair of night.
When pain screams loudest,
Evil dredges your heart to remind,
Your sins are purged beneath the flow,
But you remember, you still know.
Chains clank and rattle, intimidate,
Lying whispers calls grace undone,
Scriptures fight back in your soul,
Remaining true to God your goal.
Your heart reaches for prayer,
Calling out to the Holy Ones,
Life is a precious gift to be living,
Hang on and plan your gift of caring.
Lift up your eyes to mountain peak,
First light seeps at center rim,
In a matter of minutes it’s the Son,
Darkness for the time is done.
Hang on always for morning light,
Despair may leave the pillow wet,
Joy comes with His mercies new,
As day begins and night is through.
                  -dfav 8/6/16




Generic prayers are broad safety nets.
Prayers we pray so we don’t miss anybody.
Ones we send up when our time is crunched,
And we did promise we’d pray for somebody.
Quick one liners tacked on at lunch.
I wonder if they’re effective?
Do you?

Menu prayers are a fast prayer stable.
We appear before the menu and order,
Those things we’re lacking or fighting,
Not only for ourselves but for others we mutter,
These please help her, please touch him, fill in the blanks,
I wonder if they effective?
Do you?

All occasion prayers look lovely,
We can shop at Prayermark for
someone’s words
Grammatically correct and well written,
One’s duty is done, we can move on-not be bored,
Read it quickly and carry on
I wonder if they’re effective?
Do you?
                 d.f.a.v. 3/12/15

Instant Answers?

Have you ever prayed, ever pleaded
With the God Creator of the Universe
For an answer or even a miracle
Just something from Him disbursed?
Perhaps in your darkest hour
When you weren’t even sure He was there
With the last bit of faith within you
Heart, soul and mind laid bare–
And He answered?

Such a plea went up from me
Following sleepless nights
The road before me was forking
And with dawn’s early lights
I saw with all that was logical
I added the benefits up in a row
That there was seemingly but one choice
Even though it was not where I wanted to go–
My prayer?

God if you’re up there listening
And my heart still believes You are
The answer is due at eight Lord
Its so much more than money and a car,
But I’m trapped in this horrible place
No money, no chances, no way
I can’t see any other way out
You have to show me right now today–

Before my purse was in the desk drawer
Into the room I was called
I expected this was the moment
It was down to this after all
God turned everything upside down
Using a man who thought Him a fake
He’d too had a sleeplessness night
God used him to with certainly make–
An answer.

Two hours lapsed between my prayer and then
But I realized in that instant the way
God had been at work all the time
Before I prayed that dawning day
An instant answer to prayer
To a prayer God knew I’d pray
He laid the groundwork without doubt
For my way out that dreadful day.
He answered.

Don’t give up on your miracle
Or think God doesn’t hear or care
He has your answer already prepared
And He will use who or whatever to get it there
With God there is no need for panic
Your answers are there all along
Is He waiting for you to ask Him
For miracle, answer or right a wrong–
He will answer.
d.f.a.v. 10/09/13

Keep praying!

Note: It is my belief God ALWAYS answers prayers. Sometimes He says “Yes”, sometimes He says “No” and sometimes He says, “Wait”!