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Cottage-by-the-Sea, #7, 3/7/17

Abba Father!
Praises to You, O Mighty King!
Praises to You, Master of everything!
Praises to You, Creator of all good!
Praises to You, Shelter of All the truly misunderstood!
When the ways of life are dim,
Thank You for rescue filling me to the brim.
When the charges of my heart run low,
Thank You for the recharging so I am not slow.
Almighty God, I pray blessing upon You,
The merciful Father who pulls us all through.
Father God, may You know eternal praise,
May all creation Your Holiness constantly raise!
In every situation ever known to man,
May You forever be the God to who this woman ran.
In life here and in life far beyond,
May Your eternity stretch forever on.
             dfav 3/7/17


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #36, 12/1/15


Abba Father:
Thank You for this early morning blessing,
As I sat out by the Sea watching the darkness,
As You drew back the velvet curtains,
There was one thing I knew for certain,
That You were a firm foundation,
On which we’ve built our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
A gift for which to You, I never stop praising,
An indescribable gift, always giving.
As the sky folds back and the Son takes center stage,
I am reminded God,  You’ve allowed me,
One more peek at life from this shore,
And I am Your’s forevermore.
I thank You!
                                               dfav 12/1/15