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Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #44, 12/18/15


Abba Father,
Sitting beneath the blankets,
On the deck last night,
From across the harbor,
Far enough that sounds don’t carry,
I watch as the boat parade passes by.
Ships all lit up like constellations,
Go silently passing along,
When suddenly angel after angel appear,
Then shepherds and sheep look in awe.
Mary picks up the child and offers,
To let the shepherd hold Him.
He’s a tired, older man, stooped over,
Who holds Jesus and weeps,
Lifting Him with reverence to the sky.
And as the ships pass into the dark,
I’ve witnessed in modern technology,
Your history over 2000 years ago,
It brings me alive as I see that night,
We can reach 1000’s more with,
The same old story,
Even if the delivery is new.
                         dfav 12/18/15

Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #39, 12/08/15.


Abba Father,
It is difficult to imagine,
What those animals must have felt,
When Joseph prepared a space,
For Mary to bring forth the Messiah,
Among them and the way they smelt.
It just wasn’t normal,
It just wasn’t right,
For stables to be bedrooms of Kings.
Bring forth the purest, Holiest thing,
Even on the most desperate of nights.
But, they welcomed Him with dignity,
Squashed in together to make Him room,
Awaited His cry with firm assurance,
Bowed down before their Creator,
When He came forth from Virgin womb.
It just wasn’t normal, it just wasn’t right,
But it sure did occur in Bethlehem,
While party-goers partied,
And fathers stood watch,
The animals welcomed the great I Am.
                          dfav 12/08/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #36, 12/1/15


Abba Father:
Thank You for this early morning blessing,
As I sat out by the Sea watching the darkness,
As You drew back the velvet curtains,
There was one thing I knew for certain,
That You were a firm foundation,
On which we’ve built our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
A gift for which to You, I never stop praising,
An indescribable gift, always giving.
As the sky folds back and the Son takes center stage,
I am reminded God,  You’ve allowed me,
One more peek at life from this shore,
And I am Your’s forevermore.
I thank You!
                                               dfav 12/1/15


Secret Sins

O mankind what woe was done,
Against My daughter, against My son?
Whose innocence cries from whence its gone?
The purity of My precious ones.

How evil are the deeds that dark hath covered!
Know you not I could see them as committed?
I am the Light but not what you wanted
For your hearts are by sins ruined.

Do not think to you this doth not apply,
As if my grace and mercy are your alibi, You too have your secret sins reply
When My Light to you doth cry.

The time drew near and hath arrived
To bring to Light what some have tried
To lock away and think My Light you mocked
Did you forget I will not be rocked?

Exposed with the secret sins you kept
It is a blinded spotlight with which you’re swept.
To the Light it matters not what pleas you’ve now wept
Your decision stays where you hath leapt.

But even though your sin is grave
Exposed now to it you no longer must slave
Turn to me with repentant heart and I will save
Consequences yes but with Me face them brave.

To those who think they hath escaped
Your sins slink on in places shadowed,
My cleansing comes to not be silenced
Come forth now for you will be exposed.

Do not judge these ones caught in their sins
The judgment game you will never win.
Pray now earnestly on your knees and then
Confess, repent, face what might have been.

A spiritual cleansing across this land
In little places, lavish and desert sands
My Spirit will move in warrior bands
Showing the world the stains upon your hands.

Will you my people return to me?
For ’tis only I who can set you free.
Expose your deepest crags before the tree
For the day does approach when all can see.
              d.f.a.v. 2/23/15



If the authenticity of my Christianity
Depended upon how many Bible verses I could quote,
How many hymns I could sing,
How many times a day I prayed,
How often I served others instead of me…
Then I would fail the test.

If the genuineness of my Faith
Is proven by the strength of my will to remain in His,
Whether I’m successful at thinking good,
Discerning good spirits from bad,
Attend church every Wednesday
And twice on Sunday…
I would fail the test.

Should the measuring rod of my Believerhood,
Be every standard in His Word,
Or how closer I am to the fiery furnace,
Or if my feet dangle in the lion’s den
If I am always cheerful…
Then I would fail the test…

If my walk with the Lord needed courage to survive,
Answers to the hard questions,
Lies to never escape my mouth
Bad habits never to form,
Saddness never to darken my heart,
Fear to never block out the Son…
Then I would fail this test…

Yet if the test was did I love Him,
With my imperfect heart, soul, mind,
If in loving Him did I love others
Love others and try to be kind
Show them what His love reveals
If so I may prove how I love Him,
Thus, I may pass the test by His grace.
           -d.f.a.v. 3-26-14

Loving Him,

When a Blessing Dies


Her eyes open and her heart pounds,

Her pulse skips a beat and a spark twinkles

Slipping from the bed she quietly steps

Gently shutting the bathroom door

A dream that has budded before

As the wrapper comes off the test

Whispered prayers for positive

Three, five minutes she knows and

Soon they celebrate…

Doctor confirms and they share

Grandparents rejoice, friends congratulate

Plans begin to form for the future

All she can see is a sweet little face

Precious life wrapped in lace

He comes home with a doll and ball

There is a new smile on their faces

Nursery decorating is discussed

Dreams are real…

Then there is a little cramp

A slight discomfort

She can’t ignore the fear

And she prays and she hopes

There has to be a way to cope

Then in anquish it is over

The life is gone like it came

Silently slipping away and

Before the doctor…

Her eyes open and her heart pounds,

Her pulse skips a beat and a breath catches

Slipping from the bed she quietly steps

Gently shutting the bathroom door

A dream that has died before

As the blood washes away

Whispered prayers for strength

Minutes passes in sorrow and she knows

Soon they mourn…

Why would God answer “yes”

Then take away a blessing

Was she not good enough

Did He no longer love her

She’d always been so sure

Then a quiet voice reminds

“Be still and know that I am God”

He weeps with her

Records her tears*…

    d.f.a.v. 2-2-14

The pain of a miscarriage is great and recovery never happens quickly. A woman’s body has to adjust but her heart and spirit also must recover. I’ve known this misery and eventually had to accept my body would not carry a child to term. Physically sometimes the pain was barely noticeable, other times it was terrifying. But for women everywhere who desire to have a child and can’t, God knows your anguish and stores your tears. Don’t give up on His ability to bless your life or forget that there is equal joy in adoption.


Psalm 56:8