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There’s Something

There’s something in the eyes.

A never dying hope for peace.

Regardless of the pain,

Miracles still take wing to fly,

When hearts keep love aloft.

There’s something in the voice.

Firm but gentle with true belief,

That evil will not always win,

For sometimes when man has choice,

Someone will choose good.

There’s something in the heart.

A space meant for God alone.

Waiting that we but turn to Him,

And trust Him with each part,

Only then can His creation win.

There’s something in the soul.

That responds to the Holy Spirit,

Reminding us of the baby,

Born over two thousand years ago,

That’s changing lives still.

There’s something in the face.

That’s mirrored on each one here,

For maybe we can understand,

That Christmas takes its place,

In the Christian’s heart and soul.

                  -dfav 12/11/16





Among nations?

Groups of people?


Will it ever be?


When Jesus,

Raptures His people,

The foretold fulfilled,

Prophecies come true,

This earth slips away.

Jesus ushers in,

A new Jerusalem,

This world is gone,

Mankind is returned,

To his Creator.

                       dfav 7/1/16


At the Door…


Joy came tapping,
     tap, tap, tapping
     at my door…
Take me in, laugh with me!
     I can lift your soul
     forevermore. ..

Peace knocked next
      slipped through a window…
Take me in, find solace in me!
      I can calm your soul
      though war rages so…

Love rang the doorbell
      melody entwined with me…
Take me in, cherish your heart!
     Though it may get hurt
     I can grow you see…

Willingly I took them in…
      embraced their presence…
      Then fell to my knees…
Jesus, thank You! (for He was the three)
       Joy, Peace and Love…
       You’ve given me!

Mission came with a firm hand
       here-I-am, here-I-am
       go now and give us away…
Don’t hold us tight in your grasp!
      We grow the most…
      if shared everyday…

Out from my house into the street…
     offering these same gifts…
     some accepted others said no…
It wasn’t easy and some sent us away!
     But Jesus never gave up on us…
     even on those who told us to go.

Will you answer Joy tapping…
      Peace who is knocking…
      Love who is chiming…
For it’s Jesus Himself at the door!
               d.f.a.v. 10/8/14