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When is Your Moment?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Esther through marriage became a Queen to King Xerxes.
She too was an Israelite, a Jew, like many in the land.
Haman had planned all the Jews alienation.
It had been decided there was no question,
She could lose her life by her intervention,
Or lose her life, by keeping silent,
While others too died by this extermination decree.

Her cousin Mordecai reminded her perhaps this was,
Why she was there, for such a time as this,
God spoke and Esther answered many lives were saved.

The woman caught in adultery,
Was gleefully brought to Jesus to be judged,
In the pious presence of those who plied the Law,
Jesus knew what her accusers claimed they saw,
Telling them that the one among them,
Without sin could throw the first stone,
One by one stones fell unthrown to the ground.

The adulterous woman met Jesus,
She had her moment with Jesus to choose change,
An experience of truth in love meant she was a new creation.

The woman came mid-day to the well,
She met Jesus there at the siesta hour,
He knew before she arrived of her deepest shame,
And she was never again the same,
For in the mirror shared in Holy love with her,
She faced only His and her own truth,
And forgiveness unexpected flowed in.

This woman who avoided the company of society,
Met Jesus and stepped into the light,
She immediately shared her experience and changed.

Judas met Jesus and was trusted,
From Jesus he was never treated different,
Although his underlying nature rose,
Judas put God's best aside to dose.
Although the Lord knew all along,
He was the one to betray Him,
Judas's decision was his own.

This disciple was with Jesus nearly everyday,
Never believing enough to change,
Never able in his moment to open his heart to love.

Mary Magdalene to Jesus's tomb came,
To finish preparing the body of Christ,
Found the stone that covered the tomb,
Stood open to reveal an empty womb,
When she ran she saw Jesus in the garden
Mary's faith was rewarded and unconfused,
Jesus was the victor over death.

She had her faithful witness moment,
And she hurried off to tell,
Jesus gave her the joy to share He was alive.

Each of the apostles were specifically called,
From life as they had known it until then,
They came of their own free wills,
Their hearts to God's service were sealed.
Though they were persecuted, imprisoned, stoned, beheaded,
After Jesus's resurrection these men held to Jesus true,
Eleven who in their moment still chose Jesus.

These ordinary men took a leap of faith,
And carried the Word to the world,
Faithful to the ends of earthly life and beyond.

Saul began becoming Paul,
On the road to Damascus,
He temporarily lost his sight
Jesus spoke to him outright,
He followed Jesus' instructions,
Regained his sight, and in his moment,
He now accepted Jesus as the truth.

In such a dramatic and unusual way,
Saul became Paul as he changed,
Becoming one who he once sought to kill.

What moment are you waiting for?
What call do you still need?
What keeps you hardened within yourself?
What chains does evil have left?
Is this perhaps the moment?
The change you were meant to make?
You and you alone must choose.

What stands between you and Jesus?
If you choose Jesus you will never again be the same.
Were you born for such a time as this?

4/10/21, 6/7/21

He Sees in You?

There was something about David, Moses and Abraham,
Something about Jacob, Joseph and Ruth.
God said they were after His heart,
And they endured for God so they’d never be apart.

He saw that same something in Solemn,
Jonah, Peter, James and John had it too,
That same in the Samaritan woman,
And God sees it in you, child, woman or man.

It wasn’t perfection and everything right,
It wasn’t brilliance or earthly wealth,
But something else God saw in them.
What really drew Him to them, them to Him?

God saw it in Martha, Mary and Lazarus,
Saw it in Spurgeon, Weasley and Graham,
God saw this specialness in each,
Saw it in their hearts, heard it in their speech.

There was something about these followers,
Something strong, clean and brave,
Something God doesn’t want anyone to doubt.
What He saw in them is what relationship is about.

They were day-to-day people in ordinary time,
People with choices they sometimes made right,
Men and women laying their lives on the line,
To serve a God who’d last for all time.

When you’ve finished reading this poem,
And you’re unsure what to think,
Look in the mirror of God’s eyes reflection,
What He saw in them He sees in you His creation.
                 d.f.a.v. 6/1/15