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Waking in the wee hours of this morning
There is a thirst in my soul
And I pray and read Your word
How my innermost core
Longs for a drink from
The everlasting Living Water.
How I long to sink my roots
Deeply into the earth
Beside the rivers mighty flow.
Somehow You see,
Somehow You know,
Grant me what I need.

Breathing in the Sonrise as dew dissolves
Knowledge warms my wounded heart
And I pray and devour Your word
How my soul aches deeply
For You in my hearts
You shaped missing puzzle piece.
How everything in me responds
To Your urging self-examination
Of me in Your Word.
Somehow You know,
Somehow You have heard
Grant me now Your wisdom.

Warming as the Son warms the earth
Stretching to see what God fulfills
And I pray and feast on Your word
How perfectly You respond 
To my specific needs right here
Right where I am.
How blessed I am O Holy One
That You love me
Completely as Your own.
Somehow now my eyes are opened
Somehow Your knowledge to me is known,
You are the the Great I Am.



My soul thirsts to know You,
Lord Jesus and I hear You call
“Come to the water. Drink deeply.
Immerse yourself in me, the Living Water.”
My soul pants to know You all,
Nothing held back.

It feels as if I could plummet deep
Beneath the waterfall of Your purity,
Where melted snow mingles with fresh spring waters
I could stay here in Your presence
Where my soul finds such security
I am here, wash me clean.

Every ounce of who You made me
Pleads to plunge into Your water
To surrender me inside and out
To Your love and forgiveness
Could I stand any taller
Than to drink in Your Living Water?

I think not.
              d.f.a.v. 1/6/15