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Life in the Now

God knows what I have need of

Before I lay the needs at His feet

He knows concerns within me

Long before of them I speak.


He knows the hair upon my head

Along with the number of my days

He even understands my heart

For He knows no other way.


Many things are taught and said

Wrong and right in the name of God

His Word remains the standard

As through this world we trod.


In truth I cannot speak for Him

Explain His mind I dare not try

But our proof that He exists

Comes to each before we die.


He never promised us an easy life

If we’d believed and followed Him

But to Him I pray to always cling

Though man made hope grow dim.


If you wonder if God does exists

Does He care and love for you?

The answer is clear my friend

He does, He did and it is true.


He knows the needs you have

Before you lay them at His feet

He knows your heart and mind

Before one word you even speak.


He knows the hairs upon your head

The number of your earthly days

He treasures the wonders of your mind

Each prayer you sincerely pray.


Don’t push Him away to wait awhile

For life is best lived in the now

Trust Him now while time exists

He’s waiting to show you how.

        d.f.a.v. 7/30/14