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Why does it appear to be,

That some Christian’s are,

So much more happy than me?
Do their bodies never sicken,

Are their skies always blue,

Do their children always listen?
Do their families never fight,

Does everyone eat their veggies?

Somehow that image isn’t right.
Is their faith so much stronger

Have I compromised my soul?

You tarry how much longer?
Life’s not “safe” for anyone,

How do we keep on existing,

‘Til we’re silenced or done?
Don’t understand the smouldering hate,

Dripping from hands and hastening feet,

Don’t understand why I’ve waited too late.
Why pretend it’s of this world, and okay

When will we come to our senses?

And with You usher in a brighter day?
Meanwhile all I know for sure to do,

Is cling tightly to You the living God,

Because only You can be You.

                             dfav 7/28/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea #31


Abba Father,
The sun has yet to rise,
No lightening off the far horizon,
And I’m here—
Sitting by the dark Sea,
Waves black froth tipped lace,
Delicate touch–
Heavier my heart than my need,
For rest or sleep or relief,
Pain and anger—
There’s not enough water,
To wash away my fears or tears,
Or life’s stains—
My soul cries out “Abba Father! “,
You hear me, I know,
I wait for You—
Waves cover.
Cold, dark and wet they pull,
Moving me deeper into the Sea,
I am going under—
Your hand.
Plucks me out of danger quick,
Settles me inside drying,
Assuring but stern—
I know better.
To give Evil such opportunity,
To feed my fears and doubts,
You’re stronger in me—
I must ask.
And I lay my head in Your lap,
Sobbing in frustration and grief,
Wearied by the world—
I’m spent.
Here in the Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Again You school me on,
Running the race—
With hope.
We all get tired and worn,
The best among us fail,
When we try alone—
To win.
Thank You for rescuing me,
For forgiveness and hope,
Love always there—
            dfav 10/27/15