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Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, 12/2/15


Abba Father:
As You pull aside the nights drapes,
With Sonlight vividly about to appear,
I’m thinking of a Bethlehem morn,
When Joseph watched in awe and fear.

Joseph had a personal relationship with You,
He read, studied and lived Your Word,
He listened to You even if he didn’t understand,
He acted as You said, without hint he found it absurd.

He showed courage to face adversity,
His reputation ruined as Mary’s too,
Everything he had and loved he willfully gave up,
Not out of love for Mary only but for You too.

This Christmas give me Joseph’s devotion,
A relationship so close You spoke He obeyed,
Who knew better than Mary what Jesus would endure,
And what parenting Your Son would have entailed.

This Christmas let me be like Joseph,
Let me decide to follow You and do,
May my heart receive Your Holy Words,
And be devoted completely to You.
                                       dfav 12/2/15