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Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com
All my life I've heard
That Jesus is coming back.
Could be any moment.
Could be any time.
I've waited,
I've watched.

As rumors flew through history
Muddling people's minds.
Is it ever happening?
Is it in our lifetime?
We've waited,
We've watched.

Currently more signs come true
Awareness is on high alert.
Is it today?
Is it tomorrow?
We're waiting,
We're watching.

Seems like evil is winning
Casting God and His people out.
Will they succeed?
Will they not?
We're still waiting
We're still standing.

Should the worse happen,
Lord, don't let me wimp out.
May my lips praise,
May I follow to the end.
I'm waiting,
I'm watching.
I'm ready.


Cottage by the Sea #3 – 2015


Abba Father:
You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

ISIS leaders had a man
Burned to death alive Lord.
They lit the explosive
And he burst into flame…
When he crumbled
Into ashes unrecognizable
As previously being human,
They dumped dirt and rocks
On his ashes crushing the
Last bits of bone by a bulldozer
Grinding them into to nothing
Erasing him from this planet.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

Morality has all but disappeared,
Abstinence the exception
Fornication, adultery the rule.
Churches being forced,
Christian business owners too
To provide marriage ceremonies
That are against Your Word.
“The peoples” vote
Means nothing at all,
Judges are defining what is okay
Throwing Your Word out
Like it doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

People are starving,
Wars stripping folks souls,
Human sex trafficking
And even worse going down.
Children abused in more
Ways than physical,
Divorce is expected these days,
The poor are getting poorer
The rich even targeted,
Vigilantes out to even the score
Killing anyone, everyone
Peace doesn’t exist it seems.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

God, You’re hearing and
You’re seeing everything.
You tarry in returning
To guarantee everyone a chance
At repentance and salvation
To open up their heart’s door.
I don’t have Your eyes
I lack Your wisdom and worse
Understanding You waiting
My mind struggles to conceive
For evil seems to be winning
And I wonder what’s wrong.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

You’re the reason I live
The hope of mankind.
Without You we’re killing ourselves
One sin, one step at a time.
Give me strength, Lord
To stand firmly on Your Word.
To refuse compromise
On Your absolutes.
You’ve left us Your Word
Though people tear it to shreds
It can’t change the Truth
We aren’t as smart as we think.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?



Homecoming Day

There is silence in Heaven

Not a sound can be heard

All the angels are hushed

All the saints standing round

Something big is happening

Just what no one knows.

God is readying Himself

Something is going down

A white horse appears

God’s glory shining clear

Then everyone knows

The end time is near.

Shouts of glory ringing

Cheers of joy peeling out

This will be Homecoming day.



Keep on ’til then,