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First Breath

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com
You breathed air into Adam's lungs
And he drew his first breath,
His lungs filled up with Your essence
Not only created but alive because of Your Holiness 
Living, breathing designed by the Creator no less.

From those few moments in time
With an exchange of essential, priceless air,
Adam became the start of all mankind
We're all tied to Adam's beginning,
A truth we're all now forgetting.

When the world's population grew wicked
Only Noah and family would be saved
By way of an ark never heard of before
Along with duos of every creature created
So that breath You shared with Adam survived.

Countless wars and ongoing disputes
Stiff-necked people, the faithful, all in part wrong,
Oh, the blood runs deep into the ground
Man's foolishness masquerades as wisdom
Your breath continued though men sought division.

Swirling through humanity's history
Living in disobedience Adam's breath survived,
While it appears man gambled with each breath,
As a baby's cry signals their first lung of air,
You've kept us breathing proving You still care.

Even when Jesus drew His last breath
On that cross raised high at Calvary,
Our breathing didn't cease to come and go,
Three days later when Jesus rose from the dead,
You were still proving Adam's breath was real.

According to prophecies and what I see
We're all drawing in that last borrowed air
As it escapes to join Heaven's winds
But as long as Earth and man exist
Adam's breath will survive finer than mist.

How can we have lost this ancient truth?
To God and only God we owe our very breath
Skin color, gender, family situation
Nor wealth or need, free or bound, it comes to be
The breath shared first with Adam breathes on in me.


The Inheritance


The young lady knew what she was looking for,
She’d driven past it a thousand times or more.
Word on her street was grandmother came here to this church.
The very same woman who’d called religion a crutch.
Only a few cars in the parking lot but lots of children’s laughter she heard,
When she slid from her car and followed the squeal of childish words.
She saw all the proof she needed as she peered around the tree,
Her once “sane” grandmother had lost it from what she could see.
She watched from the shadows as parents began to arrive,
And her grandmother handed out food, coats and more than one surprise.
There was warmth in her manner, a sparkle in her eyes,
When she said, “You thank Jesus, you hear? Don’t be thanking me.”
Later at grandmother’s house her granddaughter reflected,
“Gram’s what’s changed? It’s like a new person in you as awakened.”
“It’s really quite simple you’ll find,” Gram’s said with a smile, “I learned how to say ‘God cares’.”
“These days I’d rather give than receive as a bit of evidence God shares.”
“Humanity has suffered in many unnecessary ways.
Evil seems to triumph we see and hear this every day.
Only when the right things done does it mean God’s had His way.”
Later grandmother walked her grandchild outside.
“Are you satisfied now I’ve nothing to hide?”
Granddaughter replied with a simple comment,
“I’d like to find what you’ve found, can I choose to this journey to commit?”
So right then and there the two knelt to pray.
A first for the pair who’d made all Heaven rejoice on that day.
For what the world labeled crazy, even bizarre,
In God’s Kingdom rejoicing was heard as truth hit the mark.
For granddaughter found what her grams passed on with care
Absolutely, the best inheritance anyone could ever share.
d.f.a.v. 4/23/15