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Hope in the Hands and Heart of God

As an amputee, now confined to a wheelchair, there are some things I count among the cost of losing my leg that are connected to worship with our Body of Believers:

  • Standing to sing in church
  • Being able to see above the heads of those seated in front of me so I can sing seated down
  • Kneeling in prayer

In church this past Sunday morning we sang “I Can Only Imagine” as recorded by Mercy Me. This is the first Sunday we’ve met to worship since the terrible Boston Marathon bombing. So when this song asks “…will I dance before You Jesus or in awe of You be still…will I stand in Your presence or to my knees will I fall…” many images rush to my mind Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the words of this poem below.

“Yes! Before Him I will bow

Fall upon my face, forget the crowd!

Yes! In His presence knees to the ground

Downcast eyes to see His feet!

Yes! I will dance for Him at last

Forgotten cannot of this earthly life!

Yes! My legs will leap and twirl

Whole hearted, whole bodied in Heaven found!

Yes! I’ll run to meet Him like the wind

Two feet, two legs freed of earthly pain!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will kneel!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will dance!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will run!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Before Jesus my King!

Leap legs! Dance feet! Kneel!

No longer crippled by earthly woes!

Yes! Kneel! Yes! Dance! Yes! Run!

Yes! He’s waiting and Yes! He knows!

My heart goes out to those in the Boston Marathon bombing who are suddenly without legs, arms, feet, hands. I know the drastic change in their lives. Join with me in prayer that they will reach the place that they will be comforted by the facts of what Heaven will bring. No matter the outcome of any trail, any punishment, nothing will make up for the loss of your limb. As nothing can make up for the loss of life. This one suspect’s death did not restore any life. This remaining suspect’s imprisonment or even his life will not restore whole bodies to their victims.

Could it be that the ones responsible die three times it would not be enough.

Could it be that the ones responsible lose their limbs multiple times over, it would not be enough.

A billion dollars paid to the victim’s families and still their son and daughters are gone from this earth. It cannot make that seem right.

For some things there is no justice.

For some things there is no way to right a wrong.

For some things “I’m sorry” is not enough.

Such is where these victims and their families are…it is a difficult place…it is a dark valley…but their hope lies not in the legal system but in the hands and heart of God.

In Christ’s Love & Grace,


3D, IMAX, Reality

My family and I watched a 3D movie yesterday.  Aside from Disney World, it was my first time seeing one in a regular theater.  The colors were extraordinary and it was almost like you were actually in the movie.  So real that I even reached out once to brush dandelion seeds away from my sight.  I didn’t enjoy the special 3D movie so much I would make it an even irregular movie option choice. 

Maybe five years ago I watched an IMAX movie and decided that experience was way more than I found enjoyable.  It was just “more” than my senses could handle. 

Life, for me, is intense enough, I don’t enjoy entertainment that overloads my senses.  I guess there is a point for me when I don’t want to “be” part of the movie.  I want to witness it as an observer, not a participant.  A good book is escape for me, a 3D movie just isn’t.

The 3D experience does make me think about my spiritual experiences though.  Here, on this earth what and how I experience the presence of God is limited by my humanity.  Even the occasions when I have known God to be with me physically I have not seen His face.

God tells us in Paul’s writings that we see things “…but a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV) Heaven, to be COMPLETELY in His presence cannot be accomplished in our earthly bound bodies.  Here we get a foretaste of absolute fellowship with our Creator. There are no special glasses or equipment required and yet we are able to have a personal, intimate, heart to heart, spirit to spirit RIGHT here relationship with God. Oh but one day…

Ahh…but one day the reality of God and Heaven will be an involvement of our total being.  Better than 3D.  Better than IMAX.  Better than any experience of God on earth by our bodies unable to withstand His presence.  We will be with Him.

What a joy THAT will be!