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Remembering​ Those Gone

Thoughts gather about the ones
Whose lives once intertwined with mine.
Who invested prayers and time
To try and help me my life to shine.
The loved ones I hold so dear,
Whose paths have gone to another time.
Who are at peace and now have no tears.

To not miss us, those who’ve been left behind
It must just be the notion we’re coming soon,
As if we’re only next door or in the next room?
We’ll be there before the clock strikes noon?
Perhaps that is what death truly is,
A passing from the earthly to Heaven’s room?
Still I think of them and grief makes me sad.

Oh, the Homecoming we will surely have
When at last we’re all gathered home.
To be in the presence of our Holy Father,
And know from Him we’ll never more roam.
All together we will love God more,
And so love one another in our Heavenly home.
I can remember those gone and smile.

                 dfav 5/16/17


What Eye Cannot See

 Though I see so faintly

The outline of my home’s shore,

I know it’s there as always,

My Father standing at the door.

Though the light is far away

Appearing wane and weak,

I know the hearth fires burn,

Love the language that it speaks.

Though my eyes fail me now,

In my mind I see the window,

I know my Father is peering out,

Looking for me high and low.

Though the fog hasn’t lifted

And it blankets the way home,

They will wait a bit longer now,

This life has me on loan.

Though I see so faintly

The front door flings open wide,

Closer today than ever,

To the day He calls me inside.

Though my eyes can’t see

As clearly as I want to,

I’m on this journey for this time,

The most fulfilling thing I’ll ever do.

                dfav 11/20/16


In Sight of Home


Wandered far,
Upon this earth,
Little rest or peace,
Or truth be told.

Now sight of Heaven,
The glories of,
Walls of Jasper,
Streets of gold.

Hearing adoration,
The praise of Saints,
The voice of God,
Through centuries old.

Smells of Holy,
Innocent and right,
Air so pure,
Not hot nor cold.

Taste of blessings,
Joys unknown,
Atmosphere so sweet,
Eternity unfolds.

Brush of angel wings,
Ushering home,
More of God’s children,
The truth long told.

He will see me lay,
Prostrate at His throne.
Face His judgement,
I’m far from bold.

Absolute connection,
Encasing arms,
Ones with which,
He bore the load.

By Jesus’ side,
Home at last,
Love and truth,
One’s heart can hold.
                           dfav 03/07/16

Thoughts Today


Seeing Heaven,
The glories of,
Walls of Jasper,
Streets of gold,
Hearing angel wings,
The praise of Saints,
The voice of God,
As we’ve been told.
Smells of Holy,
Innocent and right,
Feasts prepared,
Foods hot or cold.
Tasting blessings,
Joys unknown,
Air so sweet,
Eternity unfolds.
This is where I go,
To fall prostrate,
Before His throne,
In wonder but not bold.
Feel a total connection,
Your steady truth,
Encasing arms,
Nail-pierced hands.
I’m coming home,
Where I belong,
I’ll wait for you,
Where shore meets sand.
                       dfav 3/3/16

Thoughts on Heaven

Photographer – Cyn Carpenter, photo used by permission.  PhotoGrid used to add text to photo.  All rights reserved.

What does Heaven hold?
Besides it’s walls of jasper?
Besides it’s streets of gold?

John saw gates of single pearls,
Gems layered in it’s foundation
Truly an unbelievable new world.

We’ll meet God there face-to-face,
Go through the final judgment,
Finished, at last, this earthly race.

In the physical presence of God at last,
Glorious, unimaginable sights and sounds,
A final new beginning, all the old is past.

Beyond the little we’ve been told,
It’s not a port you come and go from,
Nor the place our lives stop to unfold.

Here’s every blessing, every dream,
Reunions, new friendships, praise and worship,
All this and more a part of daily seams.

“Heaven’s riches are rooted in Heaven’s God.”*
So there’s no doubt in my heart,
Of the infinite wonders from our Creator God.
                d.f.a.v. 8/2/25

We’re Born, We Die

We are all born.
Coming into this world,
One night or,
One day.

God knows us,
In our mother’s womb.
Knit together…
Knitted well…
Woven into,
God’s plan.

If born we live,
Our hearts beat.
Lungs breathe…
We feel…
How long,
Not our design.

We all die,
Slipping from here.
In many ways…
Different times…
Once born, once die,

We’re all told,
Truth illuminates,
The choice…
Ours alone…
Heaven or hell?
Which will it be?
          d.f.a.v.  4/7/15

Outskirts of Heaven


Sunlight dances through spring green leaves,
See the branches breathing, the air hums with life,
Even the sand beneath His very feet,
Whisper Hosanna as they open their paths,
The outskirts of Heaven, I’ve reached them at last.

Beyond the branches and sunlight,
The water streaks silver, rose and gold,
A sun warmed stone beckons for me to come rest,
Out in the middle of these very fast currents,
I should panic but there’s His calm assurance.

Steadily into the water He carries me,
Hospital bed left behind for I’m safe in his arms,
Though I’m afraid of water and should be afraid,
In His arms I know I can’t come to harm,
His heart beats beneath my ear, no alarm.

Liquid healing rushes over my legs,
I sleep and I wake and I’m never alone,
Somewhere nearby birds sing with words,
The days and nights, they come and go,
Jesus loves me, this miracle tells me so.

When ICU is over and I’ve a regular room,
Jesus stops coming like He’d been,
I understand now I’m going to be okay,
But I treasure the hours He spent with me,
On the outskirts of Heaven, Jesus healed me.
             d.f.a.v.  3/27/15

Grandma’s Journey


In memory of Grandma Joyce Manuel.

Death made its appearance
Another person has gone on
Their journey is complete now
They hear the angels song.

Their passing was peaceful
Life’s pressures felt no more.
God has welcomed them to Heaven
There to live forever more.

Aches and pains have drained away
Eyes feast upon the sights
Angels and family rejoice with them
In the warmth of Jesus, the Light.

Here on earth we will mourn our loss
Recall the love and good olé days
While up in Heaven joy flows on
A party done in Heaven’s ways.

Her life was put a vapor
Though she lived ninety years
With all lifes joys and sorrows
She laughed and she shed tears.

But in Heaven now it is not silent
Joyce Manuel kneels before God’s throne
As all of us must someday account
For how we made the trip home.

On earth we’ll miss your presence
There was truly only one of you
And Heaven gained a new citizen
For on earth you just passed through.
         d.f.a.v. 9/30/14


When I Get to Heaven


When I get to Heaven
My time on earth has ceased
I won’t be coming back
In this life I’ll be deceased.
Once I see the face of Jesus
Through my veil of tears
Toured this new paradise
I won’t again know fear.
Should I on my death bed linger
Once I see the light before me
Toward it I will willingly go
For Jesus is who I long to see.
Once I get to Heaven
I will not willingly return
But do not weep for me
Or express your deep concern.
After meeting with Jesus
There’s so many left to greet
Family and friends gone before
A lifetime still to meet.
Heaven’s sounding sweeter
The older here I grow
I’ve come to learn that here
Is but a temporary abode.
When I get to Heaven
I won’t be turning back
My soul will be at home
No, I won’t be coming back.
                 d.f.a.v. 8/7/14



I long for home.
I long for peace.
I long for rest from weariness.
O I long for home!
Not for comforts,
Not for rewards,
Not for streets of gold,
O I long for Home!
To feel again His touch,
To fall in worship at His feet,
To never again be apart,
O I long for Home!
Never again to sin,
Never again to be at war
Never again to be separated
O I long for Home!
Home where my Father is,
Home where my Savior lives,
Home with the Holy Spirit,
O I long for Home!
O I long for Home!