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Pot on the Stove

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com
Aromas drifting through the house,
Calling our names to the door,
What is under the pot's glass lid?
Steam has the contents slyly hid.

Carrots, garlic, onion, beef,
Beans, peas and whole kernel corn,
Chili powder, salt, pepper, potatoes,
And of course beef broth and tomatoes.

Cooked it low and very slow,
Noses teased and mouths are watering,
Cold outside and Mama's soup in the pot,
We all line up we want it nice and hot.

Before the spoons dip into our bowls,
We pause to thank the Lord above,
For the food that's He's provided us,
And how much Mama clearly loves us.


Abba Father, Thank You

Abba Father,

Thank You for air.
Air that fills my lungs naturally
And that air pumped in to complete the need.
Thank You for the care
You demonstrate in this provision.

Thank You for choice.
For being able to choose my action,
To decide what I believe and don’t,
And even what in my heart gets traction,
And what slips on away.

Thank You for encouragement.
For voices of now and past,
Who clean out my wounds and scars
So poisonous infections can’t last
But are washed away by caring.

Thank You for this moment.
Of awareness of my many blessings.
For too often I focus on my needs
On what I perceive as being lacking
Instead of what You’ve already given.

Thank You for Your love.
This never-ending resource of Your being
That sets within me the standard
Through which all of life and man needs viewing.
So I can be Your hands and feet.

Thank You for this time.
When our hearts truly communicate,
When there’s no motivation or mission
Beyond what You would dedicate
Towards You and Your people.

       —dfav 7/27/17


Thank You, Lord

Thank You Lord,
For another year of life,
For the love I’m surrounded by,
For the man who chose me to be his wife,
Father, I thank You.

Thank You Lord,
For helping me see life differently,
For knowing sometimes I shouldn’t speak,
For remembering You speak quietly,
Father, I thank You.

Thank You Lord,
For teaching me to love fully,
For showing me the important things,
For helping​ me to live now and freely,
Father, I thank You.

Thank You Lord,
For loving me so much,
For sending Jesus to die for me,
For keeping me near Your tender touch,
Father, I thank You.
            -dfav 3/13/17


From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #19, On Adoption

Thank You Abba Father, for adoption.
For this way that helped us be a forever family.
Thank You Lord for every successful adoption story,
For each one brings You honor and glory.

Thank You Father for caseworkers, attorneys and courts,
For each has a job to do in each individual case.
Thank You Almighty, for each precious child,
For each tear they shed, the shy and the wild.

Thank You Jehovah, for each adoptive parent who exists,
Who opened their hearts and stepped up to care.
Thank You Abba Father, for biological parents too.
Those who gave willingly and those who had to be made to do.

Thank You Lord, for the system, though it may not always work.
Its intention is noble, it’s purpose for good.
Thank You Almighty, the I Am, for the example You gave,
By willingly adopting us the way has been paved.

Most of all Abba, thank You for my precious child,
Who calls me “Mama” and was born in my heart.
Though parenting isn’t simple or easy always,
You’ve given us what we need each and every day.
        -dav 11/22/12. Revised 11/30/16.


Thank You, Lord

It’s nearly Thanksgiving,
And I want to say “Thanks”.
Not because it’s expected,
But because I mean it,
From the depths of my heart,
Thank You, Lord.

With all sincerity,
Let me offer You these thoughts,
For I realize You deserve
Far more than words,
But deeds of faith and service,
To thank You, Lord.

In earnest love,
May You see my steps,
Moving forward to Heaven’s realm,
Where You preside over all,
Not me stuck on here and now.
I must say thank You, Lord.

With pure gratitude,
I thank You for everything,
My family and my friends,
My church and hospice team,
Everyone who’s in my life,
I thank You for them, Lord.

In thanks giving,
I thank You for every prayer,
Those You said yes to and
Mostly those You said no about.
Because You understand,
And I thank You, Lord.
             dfav 11/21/16


Quiet Prayers of the Heart

Lord, I’m sick again.

But, the sun rose,

And my husband kissed me goodbye,

     On his way to work,

     A steady job,

     Serving our country’s veterans,

And our daughter,

Moaned her good morning routine.

Counting my blessings with-in.

Lord, it’s hard to breath.

But the sun still shines,

And prayer is still available,

     And God still answers,

     Even said as I’m falling asleep.

In my mind’s eye,

The geese fly south,

Sign of life not death.

Lord, time is a moving part,

This day too will end,

You’ll have gotten me through it,

     And every blessing,

     With a thousand more besides,

Will be in line like sheep,

A gratitude listing,

Even in quiet prayers of the heart.

                        dfav 10/04/16


Father, I Thank You

Photographer: Martha Gaston Taylor

Today, I woke up and breathed in medicine,

To rid my lungs of pneumonia again.

But, Father in Heaven I thank You.

Many in this world have no medicine,

And a chance to be well may not come for them.

In Heaven You will heal them though, God, I thank You.

My line to the outside world, my writing,

Gone with a laptop destroyed and it’s crushing.

But, Father in Heaven, I thank You.

Some people have no contact beyond home,

They can’t purchase a replacement, fear being alone.

But, if we pray, You will find a way for them.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself with what I can’t do,

Travel, leave my home, drive, even clean my house too.

But, Father in Heaven, I thank You, for the still having the dreams.

Sharing now with others priorities that are real,

For some still think they get some judgment day appeal.

Father, I thank You for all who point the way to You.

When I lay down to sleep tonight, no guarantee of tomorrow,

With the life I’ve lived, the joys and the sorrows.

Father, You’ve blessed me with You by my side here.

Far too many lay to sleep and never think,

They might not see an earthly tomorrow, gone in a blink.

Father, I thank You for Your will is none perish not knowing You.

                           dfav 8/5/16


Cottage by the Sea, #10, 6/21/16


Abba Father:
The sun rose this morning,
Peeking over the horizon,
Where sky meets sea,
And I am here again,
Heart and soul free,
To soar on the wings,
Of the Holy Spirit as birds,
In the air.
There is peace.
              dfav 6/21/16

A Letter Long Overdue


Dear God,
I wanted to send You a letter.
Some may call this a prayer,
And that’s okay,
Either way,
Its the content, not the title.

First, thanks because I see better.
Visibility improved so quick its rare.
At the break of day,
I must say,
Thank You for the things I take for granted.

Second, there’s You and Your gift at Calvary,
It floods my life with grace,
Seeps through cracks,
Front and back,
Continuous and flowing.

Second, my husband, all he is and his bravery,
Love for You and us on his face,
Intertwined and strong,
That can’t be wrong,
For it too is overwhelming.

Third, our heart and our joy,
Our daughter, half child, half grown,
Each time she says Mama or Dad,
Cause for joy, not sad,
Even when our patience is tried.

Fourth, we’re among the free, not toys,
We’ve accepted we’re not pawns.
You’ve been patient so long,
We hear the sweetest song,
To it our life and hearts are tied.

Fifth, for our homes, what was and is,
Our meals, someone prepared them,
Clean water to drink and bathe,
More though, to us time You gave,
All the little stuff I take for granted.

Sixth, last but not in priority is the ease,
With which You blessed my day,
For this morning I woke,
To hear what You’ve spoke,
And counted my blessings again.
                    dfav 2/8/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #34, 11/20/15


Much to be grateful for, starting off with You,
For everything You are,  and everything You do.
The times that I have plans of how my life should go,
And patiently You show me why You must tell me no.
My husband’s love which he has remained true to,
Faithful to me, home and thankfully Lord, You.
Our fourteen-year-old so close to flying away from home,
Who needs me still to be not her friend, but her mom.
A church family with arms open wide,
Who always care I’m stuck here inside.
I’m grateful for the food we have to eat,
The laughter and love where our hearts meet.
There’s my extended family who love me through it all,
My Hospice Angels who bless me when their steps strike the hall.
You,  O Lord,  the I Am I’m grateful for even when life sinks,
Because You, Lord Almighty never let Hope even blink.
For the lessons tough to learn for me,
You’ve been a teacher who helped me see.
And when I only gave to say I had,
You reminded me how that made You sad.
Thank You Abba Father,  for everything.
Thank You Abba Father, for everything.
I thank You,                          dfav 11/20/15