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Grace Gives Birth to Joy

Art, quote and photo by dfav.
Joy!  Joy is still a peace that all of us can claim we've found,
In unceasing waves of calm to wrap life around.
Joy highlights hope.

Hope!  Hope is still very much alive and well,
Countless occurrences of praises to tell.
Hope gives way to prayer.

Prayer!  Prayer is still flowing heavenward from our lips,
It is possible to just touch Your hem with fingertips.
Prayer breaths love.

Love!  Love is still within most human hearts,
Even of those determined to keep us apart.
Love provides forgiveness.

Forgiveness!  Forgiveness is still what we all seek,
For our deepest wounds and anger make us weak.
Forgiveness flows to grace.

Grace!  Grace is still that which we are in great need,
There are unknown harvests from Your gospel seed.
Grace gives birth to joy.

Joy links hope causing prayer where love reveals forgiveness,
Forgiveness gives way to grace and joy returns selfless.
All joined by God. 




God’s grace
undeserved mercies
incomprehensible compassion
unbelievable gift
for you
proof of what you can’t see
when doubt could take your faith
supplying you evidence it is real.

God’s grace
incredibly understanding
beautifully executed
creativity.simple yet divine.
amazing isn’t it
allows us to grow and
bloom even when life says
we can’t.
               d.f.a.v. 1/1/15

Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 10/10/14

Abba Father;
Allow me to kneel before Your throne
To press my forehead to the ground,
So I may be humbled in Your sight
My sins revealed in Your light.
Forgive me Jesus for the hurt I’ve caused,
My snippy tongue and attitude
Forgive me of any thought of flight
To slip away in darkest night.

Wash my heart, mind, body, soul
Cleanse me of the sins I must own
As the waves outside sweeps in and out
Leaving treasures taking away the work of doubt.
Let Your grace rain down as waves come in
Forgive me, free me from the dark within.
Restore my sight to the path set as my route,
Remind me what this journey is about.

Praises I offer You from my very soul
Gratitude for Your love for me
Stroked again is Your fire within my heart
Lead me, guide me, help me do my part
To see the wounded sisters and brothers
Who seek You though they be unaware
Restore to them their child – like faith and heart
Give them strength to avoid Evil ‘ s darts.

Believers, Christians we have this to do
Go out and take Your message forth
To all people, all men, all nooks of this earth
Share Your message of a second birth
How You and only You alone
Can fill the hole in aching hearts
You alone Sweet Jesus see our true worth
Filling us with love, joy, peace and mirth.

Thank You Lord for hearing me
Even more for forgiving me
Thank You for living inside this heart
Thank You for all the blessings You impart.
Walk with me today let me follow close
Your steps before me let me see the most.
You are the One True and Living God
In Heaven above and on this earthly sod.
                             d.f.a.v. 10/10/14

Waves of Mercy


Awakened abruptly to waves pounding me
Try as I might I cannot hear the surf.


There are rip-tides sucking me in
Danger as I am torn away from the wharf.


Icy shards of frozen sea cut deep
Ice glued eye lids so I cannot see


Slammed against the reefs repeatedly
Pain dear Abba, it feels as if it will take me.

An abyss–

My lips are numb, glued so tightly shut
Speech is lost in pain’s cruel hurricane


Silence, awful silence in this dreadful storm
My soul cries out for mercy from the crushing pain

I plea–

A wave of grace washes over me
Waters surround me with unearned mercy


Though I hear no words Your hands I see
Lifting me safely to the shore at last


The pain lessens after seventy-two hours
Waves lap gentle as pain becomes past

Silence still–

In Your hands nail scars remind me
Of the lies spoken the evil unloaded

No mercy–

The murderer freed the innocent slain
I see in my heart the scene unfolded

No mercy–

The whip lashes, the thorns drill in
The crossbar is heavy on torn skin

No mercy…

Spikes hammered into a human being
A God of love, a man of no sin…

No mercy…

“Father forgive them they don’t know what they do.”
As You hang between earth and sky

No mercy–

“It is finished” at last You say these words
Heaven reacts as for my sins You die…

Your mercy?–

Thunder crackles when skies grow dark
The veil splits as Your sacrifice is given

No mercy…

Who am I to complain, wail and whine?
Thanks to Christ I am truly living

By mercy–

There was silence once in the waves of pain
Now awash with the sound of angel wings

Sweet mercy–

Though denied Yourself You give to me
Mercy and grace that so sweetly sing

Sweet mercy–

An empty tomb with grave cloths set aside
The angel rolls the stone easily aside

Sweet mercy–

The women see Your body is gone
You send them to the others locked inside–

Sweet mercy–

Your mercy?–

Sweet mercy.

d.f.a.v. 1-8-14
a.k.a. Faye