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Speak God’s Truth

Speak the truth.
Speak it loudly,
Speak it proudly.
But, speak truth.

Speaks truth as facts,
Speak truth well-founded,
Speak truth well-grounded.
But, speak truth as facts.

Speak truth in honesty.
Speak truth in love,
Speak truth in compassion.
But, speak truth honestly.

Speak truth though it hurt.
Speak truth so it can cleanse,
Speak truth so it can heal.
Speak truth though it hurt.

Speak all the truth,
Speak what illuminates,
Speak what may frustrate.
But, speak all truth.

God is truth,
God cannot lie,
God’s truth did not die.
God is truth.

God’s truth is love,
God’s love is freeing,
God’s love is inspiring.
Speak His truth as love.

God’s truth spoken reigns,
Will not be unheard,
Will not be defeated.
God’s truth reigns.
            dfav 1/24/17