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Comes the Son

These are the loneliest hours,
After bedtime, before dawn,
When the circle of muted light,
Can’t dispel the despair of night.
When pain screams loudest,
Evil dredges your heart to remind,
Your sins are purged beneath the flow,
But you remember, you still know.
Chains clank and rattle, intimidate,
Lying whispers calls grace undone,
Scriptures fight back in your soul,
Remaining true to God your goal.
Your heart reaches for prayer,
Calling out to the Holy Ones,
Life is a precious gift to be living,
Hang on and plan your gift of caring.
Lift up your eyes to mountain peak,
First light seeps at center rim,
In a matter of minutes it’s the Son,
Darkness for the time is done.
Hang on always for morning light,
Despair may leave the pillow wet,
Joy comes with His mercies new,
As day begins and night is through.
                  -dfav 8/6/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #1, 1/29/16

Abba Father:
It is still dark,
Here seaside,
Though I rose at 4:30,
This brisk winter day,
As usual.
Same time I rise,
Every morning of the work week,
I am a creature of habit,
My usual.
Same routine,
Same type of coffee,
Usual eight squirts of cream.
Then I get into,
Our prayer place,
And, I pray,
And, I listen,
And I pray more
Until between us,
The sweet usual,
Peace and reassurance,
Hope for the future,
Comfort for the day.
And the sun peeks,
Over the rim of the horizon,
I smile because,
There’s nothing usual,
About God’s grace.
                         dfav 1/29/16