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First Stone

With aching heart I turned to God,
“How can she treat me so terribly?
With no respect or understanding?
Dismissing my love so carelessly?”
I quickly named Him a top ten list,
Of the examples of her rude behavior.
And followed that by all the things
That left me with a bitter flavor.
When I at last grew silent and waited
For my Father to validate my hurt,
He said softly, “My Dear Child”,
You too have stomped my feelings into the dirt.”
Puffed up with foolish pride I said,
“No, my dear Lord, never have I!”
But I caught hold of countless memories,
That could fill the canvas of the sky.
The times I failed to thank Him,
For His provisions of the day.
Or times I didn’t try to hard at all,
To follow anything He had to say.
By my actions I have denied His place,
As my God, my Savior and Friend.
Truth is, I all too readily forget
To speak to Him for hours upon end.
Aren’t my sins what condemned my soul?
Aren’t they what put Him on the cross?
Wasn’t I the one upon His mind,
When the Son paid my sins cost?
Suddenly my complaints sound small,
My head is clearer and I can forgive,
I will think about my own attitude,
Pray harder for the life God have me live.
Before I can cast a stone at someone,
For a wrong they’ve done to me,
I must first be without sin myself,
My relationship with God where it should be.
          —dfav 7/18/17


From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #19

Abba Father,
Help me be through with “what used to be”,
So the past will be over and then free my heart.
Lord, it will belong only to You to mend,
Make every crack and chip a work of Your art.

Walk with me through the Valley of What Should Have Been,
Free me of the shackles of ego and pride,
Then show me who I am through You,
A daughter loved at her Father’s side.

Drain me of the wasted energy expelled,
Fighting to be vindicated after treated wrong.
Weave in my being Your perfect peace,
From my soul let me sing You a true love song.

Open Your presence and allow me in,
Please lift me up to come to You.
Renew in me the joy of being Your child,
Allowing me to worship and love You.
        dfav 7/13/17


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #1, 2017

O Father!
As sure as the waves lap at the shoreline,
Whether harshly or with gentleness,
Let Your servant be steady before You,
Seeking forgiveness from You in steadiness.

As numerous as the sand grains,
Whether sugar white or black with ash,
Let Your child come seeking wisdom,
Instead of greedily seeking cash.

As consuming as the sounds of surf,
Surround Your Heir as thoroughly as this place,
May I seek Your understanding foremost,
Your strength for this earthly race.

As deeply as the water soaks me,
When it steeps me heart and soul,
May Your love then rescue me.
As sure as the history told.

Life lived beside the seaside,
In my heart’s Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Serves as a port of refuge and reconciliation,
Where You and I meet heart-to-heart honestly.

So though the world rock on in turmoil,
Hear Your daughter’s cry for mercy please,
Clean and bind my wounds open before You,
Heal me and set my soul at ease.

Longer than this spot guide others safely,
May it serve to launch a million ships,
To show the world of Your presence,
As from here my soul to You will slip.
            dfav 1/31/17



We may never never forget,
But right now

We need You to help us forgive,
In these moments,

For a solution to work long term,
In the dark hours,

Be our love, compassion and truth,
Light up our heart,
            dfav 9/29/16


Washing out the Ugly

Carry me down.
Down to the riverbank.
Tote me in.
Right into running water.
Together let’s,
Pull all the ugliness out.
Pain throbbing,
Heart breaking over losses,
Red welted anger,
Over what-could-have-been.
Physicians blinded,
By bias ’cause it’s allowed,
Evil’s images of,
The good lost forever,
Well intentioned,
Rote words of understanding.
Empty hours of,
Loneliness and embarrassment,
Locking my heart away.
Heaviest feelings,
Of burdening loved ones.
Wash it all,
Scrub it all whiter than snow,
Here in this water,
Outside Heaven’s entrance,
Where flows the,
River of Mercy and Forgiveness.
Carry me down.
Down to the riverbank.
Tote me in.
Right into running water.
Together let’s,
Pull all the ugliness out.
I’ll ask for grace,
And for the ability to forgive,
For just a bit,
Until You carry me,
Into Heaven itself and,
Earthly problems,
Will be righted or forgotten,
As I worship,
The God who carried me on.
               dfav 8/30/16


From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #6, 2/26/16


Grain by grain,
Ash by ash,
Each desert dry breeze distributes,
The parched and,
Arid burned molecule,
Of my heart.

Moan by moan,
Groan by groan,
Each sound translated by Christ,
Into prayer,
My Father hears,
With Holy heart.

Mist dances in,
Dew drapes down,
Each droplet reviving soul,
Every part returns,
Growth reveals,
Within my heart.

Each blessing will rehydrate,
What neglect and,
Despair with comparison,
Stole from my heart.

The spring shower falls down,
God is alive,
His love deeply,
In my heart.
                      dfav 2/26/16

Forgive Them


Hated because He knew them.
Really knew them.
Knew their heart’s cores.
Their thoughts.
Their piety.
Their hopes.
Their dreams.
Their motivations.
Condemned because He was blameless.
Never sinned once.
Because He was who He was.
He was Jesus.
When evil in men’s hearts won.
Plotting was successful.
He paid the price.
In stripes.
In torn flesh.
In humiliation.
In blood.
In death.
His final words, “It is finished! ”
Prior He spoke,
Father, forgive them.
Forgive them.
Forgive them.
Forgive them.
Forgive them.
Forgive them.
He knows me as thoroughly.
He tells me
To be like Him.
When hated.
When condemned.
When invaded by evil.
When broken.
When shattered.

He never said it would be easy.
                d.f.a.v. 2/20/15

Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 10/10/14

Abba Father;
Allow me to kneel before Your throne
To press my forehead to the ground,
So I may be humbled in Your sight
My sins revealed in Your light.
Forgive me Jesus for the hurt I’ve caused,
My snippy tongue and attitude
Forgive me of any thought of flight
To slip away in darkest night.

Wash my heart, mind, body, soul
Cleanse me of the sins I must own
As the waves outside sweeps in and out
Leaving treasures taking away the work of doubt.
Let Your grace rain down as waves come in
Forgive me, free me from the dark within.
Restore my sight to the path set as my route,
Remind me what this journey is about.

Praises I offer You from my very soul
Gratitude for Your love for me
Stroked again is Your fire within my heart
Lead me, guide me, help me do my part
To see the wounded sisters and brothers
Who seek You though they be unaware
Restore to them their child – like faith and heart
Give them strength to avoid Evil ‘ s darts.

Believers, Christians we have this to do
Go out and take Your message forth
To all people, all men, all nooks of this earth
Share Your message of a second birth
How You and only You alone
Can fill the hole in aching hearts
You alone Sweet Jesus see our true worth
Filling us with love, joy, peace and mirth.

Thank You Lord for hearing me
Even more for forgiving me
Thank You for living inside this heart
Thank You for all the blessings You impart.
Walk with me today let me follow close
Your steps before me let me see the most.
You are the One True and Living God
In Heaven above and on this earthly sod.
                             d.f.a.v. 10/10/14

Cottage by the Sea 6-20-14


El Simchath Gili (God My Exceeding Joy),

Woke to find You in my secret room

Waiting patiently, box in hand

Wheeling in with pounding heart I come

Willingly I come, willingly I come…

Though I know what’s in there

The box labeled disability

The pain, the heaviness, the burden

The hardest road felt such a burden…

Memory stirs me of the hospital

Much anxiety and work stress

Making a slow, slow recovery

Maybe really, no recovery…

Echoes “You can’t do this anymore”

Engraved in my memory’s ear

Each point taken so personally

Every no is personal, taken personally…

Loyalty is set aside for this consideration

Long term employment discounted

Little thought to what this will do to me

Little thought, little thought of me…

Decision made against my will

Determination pitted against my hope

Done deal against my need to stay

Devotion dismissed I cannot stay…

This is what You point to me

The struggle so painful so demeaning

This the hardest reality I’ve faced

This the truth of the diagnosis I’ve faced…

Forgiveness, truth need to be faced…

El Simchath Gili return joy to me

El Emunah let me be faithful to You

El Sali on You I will build today

El Rai You have seen me today…

Box is lighter now emptied

Barely any weight to it at all

Bravery You engrained in me

Born in place the joy You give me…

Woke to find You in my secret room

Waiting patiently, box in hand

Wheeling in with pounding heart I come

Willingly I come, willingly I come…

        d.f.a.v. 6/20/14



El Simchath Gili – God My Exceeding Joy
El Emunah- The Faithful God
El Sali – God, My Rock
El Rai- God Seest Me

From the Cottage by the Sea 6-3-14



Abba Father,

I think I have the right You know

To hold on to these accounts of debt

Where people have hurt me

Slandered me

Betrayed me

Harmed me

Slammed me…

This bin full of stones I am entitled to…


It’s not the same as the woman accused

Of committing sin and brought to You

I don’t seek You to judge them

Destroy them

Slay them

Harm them

Hurt them…

I’ve a right to these rememberances…


Put I admit I’ve set myself to be

The accuser, the jury and the judge

It’s my right to pick up this stone

Throw it

Sling it

Fling it

Slam it…

For they have hurt me horribly…


What’s that You write in the sand

There at Your feet a message for me

Yes stoning may be within my rights

But of my sins

My sins

My sins

My sins…

Your right is to condemn me to hell…


Instead though You chose to die for me

Long ago on a cross at Calvary

Your death set this sinner free

You forgave

You forgave

You forgave

You forgave…

Help me also Lord, to forgive…

        d.f.a.v. 6-3-14