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Faith, is a Verb

Faith, is a verb.
It is not a feeling,
That God is alive,
     and well—
     on His throne—
     In control.
It is basing your life,
On the beautiful knowledge,
That God is alive,
     and well—
     on His throne—
     in control.
Faith, is a verb,
It is not thinking,
Or hoping,
     God is omnipotent—
     God is omnipresent—
     God is sovereign.
It is living your life,
In such a manner,
Others see in you,
     God is omnipotent—
     God is omnipresent—
     God is sovereign.
Faith, is a verb,
It is doing,
It is acting,
     it isn’t theory—
     it isn’t a hypothesis—
     it isn’t hyperbole.
Faith is absolute,
And acting accordingly,
     it isn’t theory—
     it isn’t a hypothesis—
     it isn’t hyperbole.
It is Faith.
Faith is a verb.
       d.f.a.v. 6/3/15



How full my heart
How dark the night
How low the tide
How deep the fright.

How clever evil ‘s ways
How cunning it be
How quickly the strike
How blindly I see.

How manipulative the loss
How complete the plan
How deceptive the lies
How naive is this woman.

How quiet Your Word
How honesty reveals
How banished the dark
How Christ does appeal.

How bright is the Son
How clear He shines
How strong His defense
How His victory defines.

How plain is His truth
How honest His heart
How sure is His promise
How pure is His art.

How sweet this reminder
How peaceful the rest
How calm is the slumber
How much I am blest.
               –d.f.a.v.  9/11/14


Faith lets you cry
Gives you permission
To admit your defeat
Allows you to be broken
Unsure of the darkness.

Then Faith responds
To the still small voice
To the touch of God’s hand
On your shoulder
And you take His hand.

Faith in Him swells
Rises bit by bit
Until stronger than before
The Son’s light breaks
And Faith is freed.
              D.f.a.v.  9 / 9/14

True Faith, Pure Faith


Abba Father:
I talk the talk
Recite the verse
Understand some theology
Can sing the doxology
I don’t walk the walk
Absorb the verse
Live the theology
Breath the doxology
Because. ..
Talk over walk is easy
Reciting over absorbing heart
Knowledge over living simpler
Singing over investment nimble
Walk requires sacrifice
Absorbing requires wisdom
Living requires commitment
Breathing requires contentment
Possible. ..
Because Christ knows the path
The Spirit embodies the Word
God defines the theology
Only God deserves the doxology
Let my feet remain on Your path
My soul be guided by Your Word
My humanness tamed by theology
Purest praise sung in the doxology
               d.f.a.v. 8/12/14

Cottage by the Sea 4:55 a.m.



Abba Father,

Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

The seas waves were violently rolling

Shoreline brave as it receives its beating

Thunderous dark clouds are hovering

Is it over yet? Safe to head for shore?

Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

These cottage walls have moaned

The roof has swayed and buckled

Lights have fled deck surely splintered

Is it over yet? Safe to rise?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

It was frightening and powerful

Tearing down and createful

Raging until it had blown its full

Is it over yet? Is it safe to go see?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

But I know just beyond this darkness

In the face of its destructiveness

There is mercy in its restlessness

Is it over yet? Safe to gather evidence?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Trees are twisted some uprooted

Piers still standing some disappeared

Shoreline even appears to be shifted

Is it over yet? Safe to examine now?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Landmarks of my journey though unaltered

Present what it is but strangely untangled

The future path now seems unearthed

Is it over yet? Safe to regroup?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Yet I know there is no need for fear

No place for whining or pity tears

Eyes focused on You ears tuned to hear

It is over. Safe to move on.

    d.f.a.v. 4/1/2014

Let it be,



Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea-Thankful


Abba Father,

I’m thankful for so many things

But this morning Lord I’m most thankful for

My faith.

Not faith that the chair will be there

Or that the car will stop when I’m crossing

No my FAITH.

My faith that You are the I Am

That You are walking with me every step


I’m thankful for this faith Lord

Because it assures me You are alive and well


A gift from You I’ve no doubt

As is my life, my family, my church, my friends

Our faith.

I’m thankful for so many things

This morning Lord I’m most thankful for

My faith.

    d.f.a.v. 11/24/13

Being thankful,


Another Woman’s Child – Part 3

(From AWC-Part 2) “However it came to be, they wouldn’t be seeking a solution in a doctor’s office this they both knew for sure.”

Briefly closing her eyes Sarah reminded herself of the promise God had given her, He would allow them to be parents, in HIS time. God could not be rushed.

Sarah clung to that promise and exploring adoption with Kevin had provided them with much more fun and anticipation than they had thought possible. Yet so far they had not been able to find “their” child. There were so many children out there needing parents but both of them knew they were meant for specific children and so far, God had not given them the green light. Now the Christmas holidays were fast approaching.

With this holiday approaching Sarah found it to be particularly difficult to sing the hymns and Christmas songs about a baby Jesus and His mother Mary. The longing for a child seemed to triple in her heart and she prayed constantly. Reminding herself God always kept His promises she forged ahead.

She prayed as she shopped, as she decorated, as she wrapped gifts, as she cooked meals, laid awake at night, woke each morning and even as she showered. “Please Lord; please help me keep the faith.”

Kevin too was praying. He knew, though Sarah tried hard to hide it, how hard the holiday was for her. It was hard for him too.

The phone ringing early two weeks before Christmas caught Sarah in the midst of baking cookies for the widows Christmas baskets at church. It was one of the not-for-profit adoption groups they had applied with and had been approved as foster parents with.

They’d taken in four children over the last six months for brief periods before the children had been moved to other homes before too much bonding could take place as they would not be children up for adoption later.

If surprised at the number of adoption agencies, for-profit and not-for-profit ones they were stunned at the number of children in the United States who were waiting to be adopted. Sarah and Kevin’s hearts wept for many of the children they read about on websites.

The caseworker asked Sarah to look at a particular group of siblings who had recently became listed with the state as adoptable children. The picture that came up was of a group of six siblings. The caseworker had told her their parents had died in a house fire. A fire caused from their manufacturing crack cocaine in their homes’ basement. The children ranged in age from 4 to 14 and as Sarah studied their photograph she saw the weariness in their eyes.

The oldest, a girl who was dressed much like a boy, had a defiant look on her face that chilled Sarah to the bone and made her wonder what that 14-year-old was feeling. As much as this sibling group called to her Sarah was sure taking on six children at one time with such an age range and in a house that didn’t have room was not God’s will.

There was no point in getting the children’s hopes up knowing the local Department of Children’s Services would not approve them for six children. Still she and Kevin went to meet the siblings and Sarah felt it hard to leave them in the agency’s visiting room. The six had been split into four different homes and clearly the hour they had together was precious to them.

Reality couldn’t be denied. Kevin and she lived in a modest three bedroom house with one bathroom, it would not work for eight people. No way. Sarah tried to forget the sibling group and a new fear began to nibble at her heart.

Christmas was a week away and Kevin asked Sarah to sit with him by their tree one night after dinner. He’d turned the tree lights on and lit the candles she’d placed around the room, turning off the overhead lights. They sat on their sofa enjoying the quiet of the moment. Kevin spoke first.

“I’ve really been praying a lot more about God leading us to the right child in the right way to adopt Sarah and I know you have too.”

She sighed, “Yes, but mostly I’ve been praying He’d help me keep my faith in Him and the promise He made me.” She paused then continued, “And I have to admit there is one issue I can’t get beyond Kevin.”

“What?” He was surprised.

“What if I can’t love another woman’s child Kevin? No matter which child God brings into our lives?” Sarah confessed her fear.

“Sarah honey, you have a mother’s heart already. Of course you can love another person’s child! Where did this come from all of a sudden?”

“I was looking at that website with that sibling group of six on it and remembering what their caseworker said about how their parents died. Kevin, their parents were dopers. They used drugs and they made drugs to sell. They endangered the lives of their children by starting that fire that killed them. Why do you think the oldest has that hard look on her face? What do you think those kids have seen? Experienced? It won’t be easy to love kids like that.” The look on Sarah’s face was one of panic. “Kids like those six are going to need a lot of emotional support, unconditional love, a firm set of ground rules and who knows what else?

Kevin nodded slowly and interjected, “We haven’t even discussed adopting that sibling group seriously Sarah. And they can’t help who their parents were or what their parents did, kids like them and others need forever families in more ways than we can begin to name.”

“Yes, I know,” Sarah said, tears rolling down her cheeks, “but Kevin there won’t be a bit of either of us in a child we adopt. Not a bit of our blood or a bit of our flesh. Biologically no child we adopt will ever be ours.”

“You’re right but we know a bunch of people who have been adopted and it makes no difference to their Father.” Kevin smiled.

“Yes, but I’m not God…I’m not sure I can do this Kevin but I don’t see any other way we can become parents.”

“Let’s pray now Sarah, together. God is going to open this door. I just know it.” Kevin said, reaching for her hand.

Across town another group of people were praying too. They were praying about how to help Kevin and Sarah in a practical way.

To be continued…

Another Woman’s Child – Part 2

(From AWC-Part 1) “…He knew she was praying. He just didn’t know how her prayers were about to change their lives.”

Sarai was unable to bare children for Abram. As Sarah read her story in Genesis she knew how Sarai must have felt. The intense longing to give birth to a child, a bit of their husband, a bit of themselves, a bit of their families; all blended together into a whole new human being. A little person who would grow and develop their own personality, their own unique self.

Sarah was glad she didn’t feel the pressure Sarai must have felt. No one thought she had to have a baby but she longed for one. Perhaps, like Sarai she should consider her and Kevin using a surrogate mother.

Reading the story of Sarai, Abram and Hager Sarah felt a deep awareness that this was not the avenue for them to become parents. “How then Lord? How? Is it not Your will for us to be parents?”

“Trust me my Daughter. You will be a mother. In my time. Trust me, it will be in my time.”

Not like Sarah and Abraham, Rebekah and Isaac, Rachel and Jacob, Hannah and Elkanah, or Elizabeth and Zechariah. Sarah knew in her heart God was telling her there was a way for her and Kevin to have a family but it would not be by opening her womb. She placed her hand on her flat stomach and it felt so empty, her heart felt hollow and she wasn’t sure she could bear the emptiness.

With a clarity that hurt so badly it felt as if actual knives were cutting up her insides Sarah remembered the miscarriages, three in all and she wept again for those precious babies she and Kevin would never know here on this side of eternity.

“Trust me my Daughter. You will be a mother. In my time. Trust me, it will be in my time.”

As she wept she felt God’s arms around her and she heard His voice assuring her He would make a way for her to be a mother, for Kevin to be a parent. He would do so, not by means of medical technology but by a way that would bring Him glory and honor. A way that would meet not just Sarah and Kevin’s needs but the needs of the children as well.

By the time Kevin had showered and dressed Sarah was downstairs cooking their breakfast. When Kevin reached for her hand to say grace Sarah held on just a little longer. Looking up she smiled as their eyes met.

It wasn’t just a smile she plastered on her face to help him feel better but a smile from her heart, lighting up her face, shining from her eyes. That and the words she said next actually caused his breath to catch.

“Kevin, God has promised me we will be parents. He didn’t tell me how or when just that He was going to make a way.” Sarah released his hand and her smile broke into giggles at the look on Kevin’s face, “Ah sweetheart, I’ve not gone around the bend, He is just asking us to have faith in Him.”

Kevin nodded and felt his own spirit relax within him. He’d have to make this as serious a cause for prayer as Sarah, Kevin knew that, but he also knew God had nudged his heart yesterday when they had left the doctor’s office with Dr. Moran’s news weighing on them like the world’s troubles. However it came to be, they wouldn’t be seeking a solution in a doctor’s office this they both knew for sure.

To be continued…


Photo and poem original to author, all rights reserved.

Faith, simple word, complex meaning.
How do you define what’s required from beginning?
Faith, one word, different levels in its living.
How does one explain what is a foundation for being?

Faith is present-
When you trust a chair to hold your weight,
Gravity to keep your feet on the ground not in outer space,
That there is air to breath
And birds to sing
The earth will spin
At sports some will lose, some will win.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
How do you define what was there in the beginning?
Is faith a gift God gives to us?
Or a gift we give Him in whom we trust?

Faith a multi-layered determination-
To trust in God no matter what
When one is broken
When there’s no relief
Healing doesn’t come as expected
The hardships shadows fall
When it seems life has taken it all.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
Required of us at the very beginning.
A solid rock that no matter what Satan brings,
God will see one through absolutely everything.

Faith, a trust, simple and true-
God is in control
You are safe in His hands
Eternity stretches far every way
He knows what we do not
It is a bigger picture He sees
And that is where faith is the key.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
More than emotion, far more than feeling.
A Follower can’t follow without this the most,
Faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
           -d.f.a.v. 10/01/13

Hold the Faith!!

God is Here, Here, Here!

poem and photo original to author, all rights reserved. Not to be used without permission. )


Even in this time of trail
This place of darkness
When it seems impossible
That one more second of this
Will surely make you explode
God is here, here, here!

The sun will rise even if beyond the clouds,
The birds will chirp even if from covered perch,
The rain will fall even if on another’s farm,
The storms will come to us all,
But have no fear nor doubt–
God is here,  here,  here!

Praise Him now when you need healing,
Praise Him now while loved ones groan,
Praise Him now in your darkest hour,
Praise Him in your battering storm,
Praise Him though your voice is weak,
Praise Him despite it all for
God is here, here, here!

Lift up your eyes O’ Wounded Child
Lift up your brokenness O’ Heartache
Lift up your face O’ Weary One
Lift up, lift up, lift up & praise for
God is here, here, here!

As sure as the sun will rise if beyond the clouds,
Sure as the birds will chirp though from covered perch,
Sure as the ocean tides roll out and in,
Sure as life past grave goes on,
Lift your eyes towards the East
To that place beyond this world
Lift your voice in honest praise
For God is here, here, here!
d.f.a.v. 9/16/13

God is here!