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Reality, Consequences

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There are consequences–

Whether good or bad,

Some are happy, some mad.

There are consequences–

For every choice we make,

No matter what we try to fake.


There are consequences–

For the saved and lost,

For peace or war at any cost.

There are consequences–

When we lose our cool,

For every time we act a fool.


There are consequences–

When fists in anger raise,

When to God we lift our praise.

There are consequences–

When only skins color we see,

For then no one is truly free.


There are consequences–

When we try to pretend,

Especially when we neglect a friend.

There are consequences–

When we loot, bully and burn,

Even when we refuse to learn.


There are consequences–

For taking what’s not ours,

When we abuse our powers.

There are consequences–

To living stuck in the past,

For that time the die is cast.


There are consequences–

To breaking the law,

When from God’s grace we fall.

There are consequences–

With each hearts  that’s turned,

When hate in hate is continually churned.


There are consequences–

Whether we’re right or wrong,

Eventually we hear life’s last song.

There are consequences–

When we go with the mob,

And the times we kneel to God.


There are consequences–

For every decision made,

Each one has a price to paid.

                                   -dfav 9/3/2020

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #10, 3/24/17

These bodies You created are frail.
Yet they are also strong.
They fail when we need them most.
Yet keep going when least expected.
They sometimes appear to have hesitated,
Then soar over the worst conditions,
As if never to have even paused.

You’ve allowed mankind to open mysteries,
To learn how, why, when, what of these flesh,
Prolonging life beyond expectation,
Allow us our illusions we can conquer all,
But we’re not immune to the fall,
Death always stalks each of us,
Down the corridors and life’s halls.

Even in what we call a tragedy,
I will stand though weary of standing,
Though the storms are rolling in the harbor,
My anchor is forever attached to You,
It must not matter what Death comes to do,
Who it comes to claim, or scare, to scar,
My faith in You, Lord, must carry me through.
           dfav 3/24/17


With Child-like Faith

With child-like faith and wonder,
My soul hears my Father’s voice,
That emptiness I’d been feeling,
Abba God had for me a choice.
Do I believe He is the I Am?
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
Do I believe He willingly died for me?
For sins He didn’t commit?
With child-like faith and wonder,
Will I turn everything over to Him?
Then understand my value,
When life circumstances are grim?
Will I pick up my cross and follow,
Consume His Word like life’s bread?
Being about my Father’s service,
Maturing spiritually as He has lead?
With child-like faith and wonder,
Will I willingly connect my story to His?
We can all be part of God’s people,
When the salvation we accept is His.
           dfav 10/25/16


Living in this Moment

Help me live in this moment,

Be fully present in this time.

Let me look into another’s heart,

And see Your love entwined.

Help me be Your servant,

To love as You do love,

Being Your willing vessel,

Pointing to You up above.

Use my life to testify,

Your glory can come through,

No matter what the circumstances,

We must trust totally in You.

                       dfav 7/25/16


And Now—


We’ve prayed.
We believe in You.
We have faith,
In a God so true.
We’ve done all,
Laid on our hearts.
We’re truly willing,
To do our parts.
Its a miracle now,
Lord, for which we wait.
We trust You’ll provide,
On time, never late.
We’ll keep praying,
Our belief in You,
We’ll keep the faith,
You’ll see us through.
             dfav 10/23/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #27 10/8/15


Abba Father:

Here I am,  O precious Lord,
O Mighty King, of land and sea,
My shelter in life’s roughest storm,
Abba Father, do you hear me?

Today I got here quick as I can,
My prayer home, where I need to be,
Drawn as always to seas edge,
Lord,  it’s me,  do You see me?

Troubles, hardships of my own,
It’s one thing Abba, to face adversity,
This Father, the worse train wreck of all,
When someone you love faces tragedy.

All lives entwined in a snarly knot,
The aftermath, bared, they can’t flee,
Only a veil of privacy ‘tween us and them.
Sweet Lord Jesus, can this be? 

Since moment one I’ve refused all bad,
Only believed a miracle we’d see,
But, it matters not what I want,
It’s this young believer’s that stabs at me.

I sit here, tears streaming into sea winds,
Begging,  pleading for a miracle to be,
I feel so small, so helpless, so insignificant,
Abba, what do You hear, what do You see?

Do You see this pure trust from this girl?
Is it triumphed by shadows of anger and more?
Does it black out the faith of her belief? 
We’ve arrived at this front door.

You welcome us and we sit to talk,
Our spirits here in our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
In our place of many weathered hurricanes,
Where I know You know this girl and me.

Hear our prayers, Hear our pleas,
Answer quickly,  Jehovah-Rapha,
                        dfav  10/8/15

Love, Faith, Purpose, God


As wonderful as it is,
As beautiful as it can feel,
As right as it can be when real,
Love can’t exist,
Without God,
Without Faith.

Believes with a whole heart,
Believes regardless of the no’s,
Believes regardless of the woes,
Faith can’t exist,
Without God,
Without Purpose.

Someone/thing to have Faith in,
Someone/thing to love,
Someone/thing from God above,
Purpose can’t exist,
Without Love, Faith, or,
Without God.

Who created all good things,
Who made Adam, created Eve,
Who designed a world to interweave,
With God, the I Am,
Who is always all three.
dfav 10/06/15

So Flys the Red, White and Blue


The American Flag waves on,
Over Capitals, Courthouses, Post Offices and Homes.
It flaps in the wind over car dealerships,
It’s the jewel of many town square.
And soldiers, patriots, and the brave of today,
Still hold us accountable for every tear or rip.
But as proud as we, I am, of this Banner so true,
The flags just a relic of long yesteryear
Unless people still stand up for the Red, White and Blue.
Hold the line, don’t give up again,
Read God’s Word again daily,
This time that flag flying depends on me & you.
          d.f.a.v.  7/4/15

Faith, is a Verb

Faith, is a verb.
It is not a feeling,
That God is alive,
     and well—
     on His throne—
     In control.
It is basing your life,
On the beautiful knowledge,
That God is alive,
     and well—
     on His throne—
     in control.
Faith, is a verb,
It is not thinking,
Or hoping,
     God is omnipotent—
     God is omnipresent—
     God is sovereign.
It is living your life,
In such a manner,
Others see in you,
     God is omnipotent—
     God is omnipresent—
     God is sovereign.
Faith, is a verb,
It is doing,
It is acting,
     it isn’t theory—
     it isn’t a hypothesis—
     it isn’t hyperbole.
Faith is absolute,
And acting accordingly,
     it isn’t theory—
     it isn’t a hypothesis—
     it isn’t hyperbole.
It is Faith.
Faith is a verb.
       d.f.a.v. 6/3/15



How full my heart
How dark the night
How low the tide
How deep the fright.

How clever evil ‘s ways
How cunning it be
How quickly the strike
How blindly I see.

How manipulative the loss
How complete the plan
How deceptive the lies
How naive is this woman.

How quiet Your Word
How honesty reveals
How banished the dark
How Christ does appeal.

How bright is the Son
How clear He shines
How strong His defense
How His victory defines.

How plain is His truth
How honest His heart
How sure is His promise
How pure is His art.

How sweet this reminder
How peaceful the rest
How calm is the slumber
How much I am blest.
               –d.f.a.v.  9/11/14