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From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, (2021, #3)

The Cottage-by-the-Sea, art & photo by dfav.
There's been a storm for weeks now.
Sometimes sitting off shore and churning,
Sometimes bashing at the door howling,
No way to venture out for anything.
Feels safe here, or at least it did.
Yet the howls are now clear voices,
Yet the winds are now vital choices,
Safety is fast becoming an illusion.
An army seems to wait to lay to waste,
Everything in the storms pathway,
Everyone who looks for a new day.
A battle is raging and no one listens.

Your Word is my deepest comfort.
Statements of joy, love and hope,
Statements of calm, peace, a way to cope,
My heart cries out for intervention. 
Your presence, Your Holy Spirit,
Wraps me in Your unfailing arms,
Wraps me close though the storm alarms.
My eyes must stay focused on You.
Your Voice keeps me focused.
You tell me to trust solely in You,
You remind me You will see me through.
You are my unwavering strength.

Outside the storm is raging,
Been stewing, blowing for months on end,
Been hammering, cursing, it is not my friend,
Dear God, will this ever be over?
To the East a different rumbling,
Does the storm not yet understand,
Does the unbelieving again defy Your hand?
Will the clouds part any minute?
There are wonders still approaching,
There are winds He will quiet by speaking.
The world outside is passing.

There's a Homecoming in the Heavens,
A celebration on golden streets,
A celebration, hear the multitudes feet?
Going home, going home at last.
The Eastern clouds are parting,
The storm can no longer block the view,
The Christ is here for us, this journey through.
My body rises upward in the sky.
There's a Homecoming with the Father.
Going home, going home at last.
Going home this weary life has past. 
No more storms, no sin, no tears.

Going home, going home at last.


Until Then

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com
Afraid of yet only unseen possibilities,
Hand over heart
Terrified of my part
How will I stand?

Detoured from asking myself the question,
Hiding in case
I should see His face,
Hear Him asking me.

Putting pen to paper to communicate
The question hanging,
Enough  it has me crying,
For only You know.

Because I know of the sins between us
For You will I stand?
Hold up head and hand?
Or will I fold?

Time marches.
The world grows crueler, harder
The end is visible
Man destroys made divisible,
You Lord are returning.

Until then Lord, strengthen me
When the question
Comes in a moment of great desperation,
Jesus or Satan.

Let it be,
Only Jesus,
Only Christ,
Only the Holy Father
Holy Spirit speak through me, "Jesus".


It Won’t Be Long, Lord


For me it is no longer a question,

It is a statement.

Jesus, You’re coming back soon.

Any second now The Father

Will look at You and say,

“Go bring Our people home.”

It won’t be long.

It won’t be long.


Those who don’t believe in You,

Who cling to man-made gods,

They have killed Believers in You,

Since You were here, Jesus,

Even when You were here.

Lately, they’ve escalated.

Twenty-one beheaded.

Twenty-one beheaded.


Used to think, oh, never here

Not here in America

The land of the brave,

The land of the free.

Can’t think that anymore, Lord.

‘Cause America has slipped.

It’s not “In God we trust”.

It’s not “In God we trust”.


Our president makes You a mockery,

He makes America a mockery,

Our lawmakers have little restraint

Votes up for the highest bid

So little, so little respect for the original,

And less for Christianity

Less for morals and values.

Less for morals and values.


And our hands aren’t clean, I know Lord.

We embraced slavery, waited too long

To become involved in

World War II

Waiting for millions of Jews and others

To be executed.

No, we’re not innocent.

No, we’re not innocent.


But I confess Lord, I didn’t expect,

That things would be like this.

Jesus, I never imagined Americans,

Would be so far from You,

Would be so confused,

Could be so blinded to think,

“Wrong is right.

Wrong is right.”


Before America became, Lord

There were the Crusades

And piety and slavery

Keeping Your Word

Out of the hands of

We the common man.

It’s hard to deny.

It’s hard to deny.


You’re going to judge us soon, Jesus.

Each one of us, Lord,

On our own deeds,

On our own lives,

On our own hearts.

Too late, nearly too late,

No more time to waste,

You’re coming soon, Jesus.

You’re coming soon, Jesus.


We’ve been looking for You a long time.

Thousands of years now.

Jesus, I’m longing for You.

Even as I know I face judgment,

Even as I prostrate myself with shame,

I know I’ll also hear,

“Welcome home.

Welcome home.”

        d.f.a.v. 2/17/15