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When is Your Moment?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Esther through marriage became a Queen to King Xerxes.
She too was an Israelite, a Jew, like many in the land.
Haman had planned all the Jews alienation.
It had been decided there was no question,
She could lose her life by her intervention,
Or lose her life, by keeping silent,
While others too died by this extermination decree.

Her cousin Mordecai reminded her perhaps this was,
Why she was there, for such a time as this,
God spoke and Esther answered many lives were saved.

The woman caught in adultery,
Was gleefully brought to Jesus to be judged,
In the pious presence of those who plied the Law,
Jesus knew what her accusers claimed they saw,
Telling them that the one among them,
Without sin could throw the first stone,
One by one stones fell unthrown to the ground.

The adulterous woman met Jesus,
She had her moment with Jesus to choose change,
An experience of truth in love meant she was a new creation.

The woman came mid-day to the well,
She met Jesus there at the siesta hour,
He knew before she arrived of her deepest shame,
And she was never again the same,
For in the mirror shared in Holy love with her,
She faced only His and her own truth,
And forgiveness unexpected flowed in.

This woman who avoided the company of society,
Met Jesus and stepped into the light,
She immediately shared her experience and changed.

Judas met Jesus and was trusted,
From Jesus he was never treated different,
Although his underlying nature rose,
Judas put God's best aside to dose.
Although the Lord knew all along,
He was the one to betray Him,
Judas's decision was his own.

This disciple was with Jesus nearly everyday,
Never believing enough to change,
Never able in his moment to open his heart to love.

Mary Magdalene to Jesus's tomb came,
To finish preparing the body of Christ,
Found the stone that covered the tomb,
Stood open to reveal an empty womb,
When she ran she saw Jesus in the garden
Mary's faith was rewarded and unconfused,
Jesus was the victor over death.

She had her faithful witness moment,
And she hurried off to tell,
Jesus gave her the joy to share He was alive.

Each of the apostles were specifically called,
From life as they had known it until then,
They came of their own free wills,
Their hearts to God's service were sealed.
Though they were persecuted, imprisoned, stoned, beheaded,
After Jesus's resurrection these men held to Jesus true,
Eleven who in their moment still chose Jesus.

These ordinary men took a leap of faith,
And carried the Word to the world,
Faithful to the ends of earthly life and beyond.

Saul began becoming Paul,
On the road to Damascus,
He temporarily lost his sight
Jesus spoke to him outright,
He followed Jesus' instructions,
Regained his sight, and in his moment,
He now accepted Jesus as the truth.

In such a dramatic and unusual way,
Saul became Paul as he changed,
Becoming one who he once sought to kill.

What moment are you waiting for?
What call do you still need?
What keeps you hardened within yourself?
What chains does evil have left?
Is this perhaps the moment?
The change you were meant to make?
You and you alone must choose.

What stands between you and Jesus?
If you choose Jesus you will never again be the same.
Were you born for such a time as this?

4/10/21, 6/7/21

The Choice is Ours


Everyone’s faith is their own
We can be wise or naive
Misplace our trust
Ruin our intentions…
The choice is ours…

Everyone’s journey belongs to them
We all slug through valleys
Celebrate on mountain tops
Views of each leg of it few…
The choice is ours…

Everyone for themselves must decide
We believe Christ is Christ
Our Savior and Our Lord
Whose sacrifice from sin sets us free or not…
The choice is ours…

Everyone gets the opportunity
We all can say yes
We all can say no
We all must bear the consequences…
The choice is ours…

Not everyone will make the right choice
For some it’s hard to imagine saying no
For others to say yes they can’t do
Some thing, someone stands in the way…
But, the choice is ours.
             d.f.a.v. 10 / 7 / 14


Today I’m just wondering if maybe…

Maybe there isn’t only one

defining decision of our lives,

Maybe it’s not all threatened by one

stumbling, unexplained nose dive.

Maybe the corner turned isn’t

unforeseen every time,

Maybe the circumstances couldn’t be

any better yours or mine.

Maybe we’ve all done the best we could

with what we understood,

Maybe these storms will sweep

the dust from our eyes with a flood.

Maybe fences do exist for

very practical reasons,

Maybe doors and windows bang down

so time comes in every season.

Maybe the sun will set this evening

and the moon arise,

Maybe the stars will twinkle across

the night sky when God sighs.

Maybe there isn’t one falling star

to wish upon or do we find,

Maybe it’s the wishing we need

to leave behind?

Maybe our dream isn’t of failing

but really of success,

Maybe the last breath we take

is this one or even less.

Maybe our last breath should

already have come and gone,

Maybe it isn’t belief or faith we’re

lacking or for what we atone.

Maybe the footsteps we hear

are our own on the path

Maybe the rain billowing down

drenching us is a wild bath.

Maybe these troubles are like

pearls warmed by the sun.

Maybe they form the ladder

we’re to be climbing to see,

Maybe, just maybe, we’ve known

all along what would be?

Maybe somewhere deep inside

us where we hide

Maybe that door is flinging itself

wide open to the outside.

Maybe this is our time to rise

to God’s desire for us

Maybe it has been there all

along for us a must.

Maybe the parachute isn’t as

necessary as we think,

Maybe wings we can’t begin

to see won’t let us sink.

Maybe the pearls are every grain

of sand ever in our way

Maybe little pieces of the mountains

He’s brought down for this day.

Maybe life’s pressure, time and

the raw power of nature

Maybe they’ve made the pearls

we are climbing so unsure.

Maybe instead of having to

know why it is or is not,

Maybe that’s the absolute least

important question we’ve got.

Maybe we aren’t defined by

individual moments in time

Maybe it is the whole enchilada,

the whole rope of pearls, yours and mine.

Maybe all we really have to know


Maybe this is the moment of faith,

leap, trust and let go.

Maybe our wings will appear when

our feet touch the air,

Maybe we’ll fly, soaring free

without effort or care.

Maybe we’ll find we aren’t

ready after all to leap

Maybe we need more time

at the Master’s feet.

Maybe though this is our

time to reach out and soar,

Maybe we’ll sail over oceans

and land to Heaven’s door.

Maybe, just maybe, all we need

is faith for this moment?

Maybe we’ll never know if we

sit hunkered down dormant.

Maybe He says, “Yes” to the

prayer, or He says “No”,

Maybe He says “Wait” or

repeats “No my Child, No”!

Maybe it’s past time we

listen before we act

Maybe if we did there’d

be less that we lack.

Maybe we’re ready and

are too doubtful to know

Maybe we can’t hear Him cry,

“Fly my child! Go!”

Maybe…maybe itself has no

right to any of our parts

Maybe we’ve forgotten Jesus

lives in every opened heart,

Maybe life has its maybe’s,

uncertainties and untruths.

Fact is Jesus is coming again,

very soon, that’s the truth.

Maybe it’s time we dig our heels in

and do the Lord’s will

Maybe there’s still time to save

even one more from Hell.

        d.f.a.v. 9/29/13