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Here, This Is It

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
This is it. 
Where the strong are separated from the weak,
Where the image in God's mirror
Sends you to His side or you driven to your knees.

This is it.
Where pretenders fall behind the true,
Where your actions prove your hearts core,
Here, in this moment are you for Him or you?

This is it.
Where your soul speaks the most loudly,
Where truth takes center stage,
Does it collapse or stand up proudly?

This is it.
Where that voice is Jesus' calling your name,
Where the eternal home of your soul
Is decided in seriousness for this is no game.

This is it.
Where you answer Jesus' knock at the door
Where you confess, believe, accept or reject
Will you choose or risk it coming no more?


Still You

In the aftermath of the storm,
When the rains are pouring,
The winds still howling,
I am straining to look ahead,
To do as You had said,
To follow You.

When the winds calmed down,
But the roof still leaked,
The walls were sagging,
I am left struggling to hear You,
To clearly follow through,

When the best we had was gone,
Shifting rags hoping for usable bits,
Finding unrecognizable pieces for whole,
Am I still convinced You are Jehovah God?
This path I trod,
Outlined by You?

One day this trouble won’t even be a memory,
When Heaven’s gates are flung open wide,
The family at last all been gathered,
Heaven echoing with Your very voice,
Please let my choice
Have been, You.
         dfav 2/11/17