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Whose Way

Photo by KAV 2020.
When I fail to do what God has told me is His work,
When I close my eyes to people hurting, hungry, and lost, 
When I ignore the truth through God's eyes when saying I love Him,
When I pursue man's idea of success pushing God's definition aside,
All I've really done is prove to everyone that I've lied.

When I have willingly entered into a covenant with God, 
When I have further prayed and pledged to follow His Word, 
When I blow one more chance, one more round as the Prodigal, 
When I carelessly forget my promises, in me I have shown Evil has won,
My actions scream to all I don't appreciate anything God's done.

When I choose unforgiveness, blindness and deafness,
When I justify harm in any way to any other human being,
When I take justice into my own hands and say its in God's name,
When I am silent to protect my own status and skin,
The winner's circle may be where I stand, but it is no win.

When "things" become more precious to me than people,
When color blinds me to humanity or power corrupts and devours,
When I determine a persons character based on wealth or fame,
All of these are my sins against mankind, and against the All Mighty,
My decisions, my consequences, my greed, my turn from His Right.

When in the fight to change everyone, everything to fit my perception,  
When because of my anger I have no glimmer of compassion or humanity,
When all I do is scream to attempt to let others not be heard,
When all I see is my agenda, what I have lost, my pain, my true heart,
Here I have proven with actions how much of my life God has a part.


One Decision


One blink, a nanosecond,
Your car collides,
Lives are changed,

One affection, a season in time,
A woman conceives,
Life begins,
The circle.

One sound disturbs the snow,
An icy chunk breaks,
Tumbling down,

One bright smile, eyes meet,
Leads to love,
She says yes,

One calm, still voice calls to you,
Come to me,
I’ll give you life,

Two ways appear, which do you take?
How do you decide?
Prayer and faith?

A vapor, a veil, a fragile thread,
Connects us to this life on earth,
Takes a second,

Live this life well for God’s mission,
Or live it for what else you choose,
Takes a few seconds,

Our legacy is known most times,
By that decision,
In that time,
The vapor fades.
                    dfav 2/9/16